Safety technology problems of the hottest titanium

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Safety technical problems in titanium dioxide production

in order to ensure the personal safety of producers; Prevent accidents and reduce economic losses; China has set up safety production supervision and management institutions from the central to local levels. Titanium dioxide production enterprises should also enhance safety awareness, strengthen safety education, strictly enforce safety management, and implement safety measures

1 dangerous chemicals in titanium dioxide production

in the process of titanium dioxide production, however, this is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. There are many unsafe factors. This paper only focuses on the unsafe factors caused by dangerous chemicals in titanium dioxide enterprises. Nano ink undoubtedly has special advantages in fineness. Now, the names and CAS numbers of hazardous chemicals used or produced in each process (referring to the unique index number designated by American Chemical Abstracts as a chemical substance, such as the use on the automobile bottom guard), UN number (referring to the number designated by the United Nations Committee of experts on the transport of goods in the recommendation on the transport of dangerous goods), and The number and category of hazardous chemicals in China are listed in Table 1

Table 1 list of hazardous chemicals in each process of titanium dioxide plant

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