Safewayselect launches barrel packaging

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Safewayselect launched barrel packaged ice cream

safewayselect believes that its high-end ice cream packaging is compared with the recognized brand packaging in the market. It lacks enough visual attraction from Hunan University of technology and does not work together with the main needle to make consumers have the desire to taste it in person. Therefore, in addition to turning to the terminal market, it has changed the design company and tried to integrate more exciting products into the packaging pattern Element. And express the personality of the product. "The designer redesigned it. The diamond pattern is used in the ice cream bucket to replace the previous golden stripe. At the same time, famous photographers from all over the United States are also employed. The company is expected to enter the ranks of railway supporting suppliers. The ice cream is photographed vividly, so that consumers have a strong desire to eat. The different colors on the background of the ice cream bucket represent the ice cream without taste

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