Safety technology of the longest tube Trailer

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Safety technology of long tube trailer

the overall structure of long tube trailer is divided into three parts: walking mechanism, large volume steel seamless cylinder (hereinafter referred to as cylinder) and its connecting device. The traveling mechanism shall meet the requirements of total loading mass and axle load, and shall be modified according to the special structure of loading gas cylinders. The overall dimensions, total weight and axle load of the vehicle shall comply with the requirements of GB 1589-2004 "external dimensions, axle load and mass limits of road vehicles"

the external thread samples at both ends of the gas cylinder are pneumatically clamped and connected with the mounting flange, and the mounting flange is fixed on the front and rear support plates at both ends with bolts; The screw plug is installed on the internal thread of the bottle mouth, and the pipe fittings are connected on the screw plug. The front end is equipped with a bursting disc device, and the rear end operation warehouse is equipped with a charging and discharging pipe. You are like in Xinjiang, which is far away in China, but the freight is relatively expensive. Roads, quick fitting connectors, sewage drainage devices (when needed), safety accessories, etc

the compressed hydrogen loaded on the hydrogen long tube trailer has a high working pressure. It needs to travel frequently to and from the city and use ultrafiltration technology to concentrate the city roads and densely populated areas. The safety problem is very important, and the safety of manufacturing and device setting is the primary guarantee for the operation safety of the hydrogen long tube trailer. The hydrogen long tube trailer is mainly equipped with the following safety measures:

(1) gas cylinder quality

as the main pressure bearing part of the long tube trailer, its quality is closely related to the safety performance of the long tube trailer. Therefore, the internal and external surfaces of the gas cylinders are shot peened, and the internal comprehensive inspection is carried out one by one with the endoscope camera system. The Vicat softening point tester is equipped with a sample protection device to ensure the internal quality. Magnetic particle testing shall be carried out one by one after cylinder forming and hydrostatic test to ensure that there are no crack like defects. The threads at both ends of the gas cylinder have been magnetic particle tested to ensure the reliable quality of the connecting threads

(2) bursting disc device

bursting disc devices are set at both ends of the gas cylinder. The bursting disc device is smaller and lighter than the safety valve, but its sealing is reliable, and its discharge area is much larger than that of the safety valve with the same volume

(3) pressure gauge

a pressure gauge is set on the gas cylinder filling and unloading pipeline, with a range of 115 ~ 3 times the working pressure and an accuracy of 115 levels. The pressure gauge is shockproof, and its front end is equipped with a pressure gauge valve for easy replacement and disassembly

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