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The security test of military packaging

normal> in view of the characteristics of military packaging film with polyethylene wrapped inside and foam wrapped outside, the security test before the machine should have the following test indicators

normal>1, mechanical properties

normal> ① tensile strength, breaking force, elongation

normal> the tensile strength and breaking force of packaging materials are the main parameters of mechanical strength that packaging materials can provide

normal> only when it reaches a certain strength can it resist cracking and fracture

normal>gbh tensile machine is an instrument to detect these parameters, which can test the above parameters at one time

n strength drop ormal> ② impact resistance

normal> impact strength is one of the important mechanical properties of materials. The impact performance test is to measure the impact strength of materials under the impact load free effect. It is used to measure the toughness or fracture resistance of polymer materials under more high impact conditions, also known as impact toughness. Different impact test methods can be selected for different materials or different uses, The methods used include pendulum impact test (including simple support impact and cantilever impact), dart impact, which is not worth the loss, ball impact test, etc

normal> ③ puncture resistance

normal> is the ability of packaging materials to resist the puncture of sharp objects

normal>gbh tensile machine has the performance of testing puncture strength, which is qualified in one inspection

normal>2. Chemical heat sealing performance

normal> heat sealing performance is a core performance of packaging materials. Due to the formula problem of materials, the heat sealing performance of packaging materials is often unstable, which is manifested in the high and low changes of heat sealing strength of materials under the same heat sealing conditions, resulting in false sealing. The heat sealing performance of materials can be measured by using the heat sealing instrument in conjunction with the tensile machine, including appropriate heat sealing conditions, maximum heat sealing strength, etc

normal>gbb-b heat sealing instrument can meet the above performance

normal> if the test task is heavy, gbb-f five point heat sealing instrument can be used. Five segment problems can be measured at one time, which can improve the detection efficiency


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