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Safety technical measures for using different types of pillars in the structure of the coal mining face

1. Outline

1111 the mining task face is located in the north of the mine transportation danianye lane. The strike length of the task face is 360 meters, and the tilt length is currently 60 meters. The morning shift on July 19, 2014 was stopped, and the task surface has been pushed for about 10 meters

the support data used by the current task face is dw14 single hydraulic prop. A mechanism fold is encountered in the 1111 task face when opening the cutting hole. The total length from the scraper head of the task face up is about 20 meters, which is a small syncline mechanism. From 20 meters to the tail of the machine, the mechanism kneads to form coal rock extrusion. The length of the fold is about 30 meters, and the trend is unknown. It is estimated that the target of the fold trend is 5 meters, and the task face pushes directly through the fold. During the folding period of this section, the coal seam and the roof and floor fluctuated greatly, making the dw14 single hydraulic prop stop supporting and unable to meet the support quality. Therefore, it was decided at the special meeting of mine early commissioning that dw/100 (or dw/100, dw/100 type) monomer hydraulic prop was used to stop the support at the exposing mechanism. In order to ensure that the relationship between stress and strain is no longer linear, and the support of non-conforming monomer is safe, this Enron technical method is specially adopted

2. Construction organization method

team leader: Wang congfei

deputy team leader: Huang Renquan

members: Chen Li, Qiu Tianda, Yu Jisheng, Nie Changlu, Qiu Tianfa, Chen Dejun, Huang Xianghua, Zhu Jianhong, Zhu Chunjie

3. Enron technical measures

1. Improve the support quality of the task surface and effectively control the roof. The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of "1111 mining task face homework specification"

low cost and stable mass production of graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating has been achieved

2. The bottom plate is soft, and the pillar must wear shoes; The secondary liquid injection shall be stopped before and after sliding and shooting, and the initial support force of each pillar shall not be less than 90kN at any time. The pillar requires strength against the mountain

3. If the height of the task surface at the place where the mechanism is exposed on the task surface exceeds 1.4m, use dw/100 single hydraulic prop to stop the support. If the height of the special section exceeds 1.8m, use dz/100 single hydraulic prop to stop the support

4. All dw/100 (or dw/100, dw/100 type) single hydraulic props entering the well must be stacked separately and listed

5. The single hydraulic prop other than dw14 used in the task surface must be marked with red paint stop sign. It is strictly prohibited to use the single hydraulic prop of different models

6. The support of row and column spacing must be stopped according to the regulations of 1111 mining task face work specification. It is strictly prohibited to increase or reduce the row and column spacing. It is strictly forbidden to present empty pillars that cannot be separated from the substrate on the task surface. All pillars must be loaded, and the redundant pillars must be placed in a row of the cutting line

7. The foundation column, Moji column and berm column in the specified section must use the same model of single hydraulic column

8. During the period when the task surface passes through the mechanism, it is necessary to strengthen the top plate handling of the task surface, and adopt Moji pillar cutting and blocking at the new top cutting line, which is characterized by covering graphene and 2D material projects. The support of the berm column is set at the inner side of the new top cutting line row column, and each foundation column is set with a berm column to withstand the lateral thrust of the roof and increase the stability of the top cutting row column

9. The criterion of "support first and withdraw later" must be strictly implemented. It is not allowed to delay the withdrawal of the pillars and top beams of the top line row, and the foundation pillars shall be laid on the coal wall. If the task surface lacks pillars and top beams, the pillars and top beams must be transported again, and the task surface shall be stopped to make up

10. When changing the column in the task plane, the weight must be put on first and the column must be stopped to replace, so as to prevent the roof from loosening twice or the roof from separating from the layer, resulting in falling gangue and roof leakage

11. During the period of passing the authority, the matters not covered shall be performed in strict accordance with the "1111 mining task face homework procedures" and the "1111 mining task face passing the authority Enron technology measures"

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