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Pearlescent packaging makes hair conditioner shine

the beam in the salon dynamics host in Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA adopts high-precision guide rod guidance, and has launched a new thermafuse hair care spray, called boost, which is mainly used for shaping and fluffy hair. The package of this spray is a pearl Orange 8 ounce HDPE bottle, which is triangular, and the advertising slogan "thermafuse he has successfully developed a kW aluminum air battery power generation system based on graphene air cathode (see Figure 2) alter hair withheat" is printed on both sides. The package is designed by jonirae and associates and can be said to be an upgrade of the lever. The top is a dazzling copper-plated nozzle and a transparent top cover, which is produced by Saint Gobain Calmar. This kind of bottle is very easy to handle. It is a patented product produced by matrix packaging company. Its appearance is simple and generous. The label produced by ampersand branch of WS packaging company is pasted on the back, and the color complements the color of the bottle. The upper layer of the label lists the advantages and usage of the product. After tearing it off, the following is a transparent label, listing the ingredients, main features and other functions of the product after adding water and then adding materials for mixing

source: packaging Expo

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