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12.08 million yuan! Shandong chemical enterprises set a record fine for potential safety hazards

12.08 million yuan! Shandong chemical enterprises set a record fine for potential safety hazards

August 8, 2017

[China paint information] on August 4, the State Administration of work safety announced that in July, the State Administration of work safety organized a total of 16 open and covert investigation teams to carry out open and covert investigations in 12 provinces, including Shandong. More than 100 enterprises were spot checked, and more than 770 problems and hidden dangers were found. Among them, two violations were found during the inspection of Shandong Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and a fine of 12.08 million yuan was imposed

this has become the maximum fine for potential safety hazards since the new production safety law was promulgated and implemented

we learned that Shandong Changyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. In July 2005, China National Chemical Corporation (central enterprise) reorganized its assets and became a subordinate enterprise of Sinochem Group, which must be checked whether the medium amplifier unit is normal. Zhang Shusheng, the legal representative of the company, with a registered capital of 174 million yuan, is mainly engaged in the production of crude oil and fuel oil, and then more than a dozen varieties of products in the field of diaphragm materials, such as gasoline, diesel, liquefied gas, propylene, polypropylene, benzene, toluene, xylene, MTBE, petroleum coke, sulfur, etc

in July, as the stage of the comprehensive deployment of the national work safety inspection and the self-examination and self-improvement of all regions, a total of 3191 major hidden dangers were investigated, 6977 serious violations were cracked down, 4362 enterprises were shut down for rectification, and 1382 enterprises were closed and banned. 602 licenses were suspended and revoked according to law, an administrative fine of 140million yuan was imposed, and 461 criminal cases were investigated

this national safety production inspection takes the full implementation of the enterprise safety production system as the main line. In addition to severely punishing enterprises that do not establish the concept of safety development, attach importance to development and ignore safety, have indifferent safety awareness, and the main body of safety production is self-evident and does not implement it, they are all included in the "blacklist" management of bad records of safety production

the State Administration of work safety made a deployment for the next step of the general inspection of work safety, requiring all regions and relevant departments to earnestly implement the tasks and measures of the general inspection, and earnestly achieve the "three insistences":

adhere to the combination of comprehensive inspection and strict law enforcement, adhere to the combination of enterprise self inspection and government supervision, and adhere to the combination of territorial responsibility and department supervision; Strictly implement the "five batches": punish a batch of illegal behaviors according to law, thoroughly deal with a batch of major accident hidden dangers, close down and fully demonstrate its good utilization value in the field of flexible and wearable electronic equipment, ban a batch of enterprises that violate regulations and do not meet the conditions of safe production, jointly punish a batch of enterprises that seriously break their promises, and expose a batch of units and individuals that fail to implement and take ineffective measures

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