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The international high-end market seminar of PEEC plant extract will be held in Shanghai

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the international high-end market seminar of PEEC plant extract will be held in Shanghai

July 24, 2008

[China paint information] July 23, 2008, the experimental machine applied a small panel control system to control and collect raw data, Shanghai, China, China's first large-scale professional exhibition of plant extracts PEEC 2008 plant extracts exhibition and seminar will be held in Shanghai, China on October. Recently, it was learned from KingLeap Juguang company, the organizer of PEEC, that a grand international high-end market seminar of plant extracts will be held in the same period of PEEC 2008, which will provide a platform for domestic and foreign business and trading partners, technical experts Industry elites provide a community of excellent insights

according to Chen Fuyun, the person in charge of the meeting of KingLeap Juguang company, through the tracking and actual investigation of China's plant extract industry in the past year, at present, the wide application field, strong academic nature and great market potential of plant extract are the three characteristics of China's plant extract industry. People in China's plant extract industry generally believe that fierce peer competition and the lack of foreign high-end related technologies are the main difficulties in the development of China's plant extract market, However, enterprises are gradually confident in the market capacity of the plant extract industry. At present, the demand is mainly for the development of market potential and a more standardized market. The survey shows that more than 80% of the enterprises and professionals participating in the survey believe that domestic market development and industry seminars are one of the important activities in the same period of the exhibition, so the symposium we organized in the same period is to provide the best communication and information flow platform for industry people

this international high-end market seminar on advanced steel materials such as steel for basic parts and high-performance marine engineering steel will discuss many topics, such as industrial economic development trends, international market policies, hot and difficult issues, marketing countermeasures and suggestions, and provide decision-making and intellectual support for promoting Chinese plant extracts to enter the international high-end market. Discuss the development status, trade and technology trends, hot spots and relevant policies of China's plant extract industry from the perspective of development, and make authoritative interpretations; Exclusively release the research results of industry development, and promote the exchange and cooperation between Chinese plant extract enterprises and the international market

the international high-end market seminar of plant extracts is one of the major activities of the PEEC 2008 plant extracts exhibition and seminar. It is also the first grand event in the field of plant extracts in the Asia Pacific region, which integrates high-end technology forum, international market policy lectures, industrial development seminars, and business pairs. It is committed to serving domestic and foreign business trading partners, technical experts Industry elites provide a community of excellent insights

during the conference, the delegates can also visit many plant extraction manufacturers from all over the country for free, and display various popular plant extraction products and innovative technologies in the international market. The representative manufacturers are: Tianjin Jianfeng, Wuxi Lvbao, Changsha KANGLONG, Changsha Huakang, Changsha lvman, Hebei Baoen, Xi'an Haotian, Yunnan huaguoye, Ningbo Hanfang, Chenzhou lvhai, Zhucheng Haotian, Qingyuan shengzhitang, Huzhou Liuyin Luxi Xiaoyuan, implement the guidance of the general office of the State Council on promoting the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical production enterprises in densely populated urban areas, Xiamen Tiankang, Hubei Enhua, Shanghai Notte, Jilin Hongjiu, Changsha langlin, Hubei yujindan, Shanghai lisui, Hunan nature, Changsha lvkang, etc

As the first large-scale international plant extract exhibition in China and the Asia Pacific region, the exhibitors come from the world's top brand enterprises in plant extract technology, bringing together the world's latest plant extract technology. The exhibition has accumulated strong industry resources and brand genes, and can be called an international plant extract industry event with the largest scale and brand influence in China and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, please visit the PEEC official website:

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