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Peek has been successfully applied to Airbus door accessories

recently, wiggs company in the UK announced that its high-performance polymer hardware based parallel sampling mode compound Victrex Peek (PEEK) 90hmf40 has been successfully applied to Airbus a door accessories and replaced the aluminum used before

it is reported that the A350 wide body aircraft door is now made of Victrex peek 90hmf40 thermoplastic material, which can connect the support points on the external skin and the internal support structure, so that the two parts form a box structure to maximize the moment of inertia. The polymer solution for injection molded parts replaces the previous high production cost aluminum bracket, which can reduce the weight and cost by 40%. Under the same conditions, the fatigue life of 90hmf40 is 100 times higher than that of aluminum 7075-T6, and the strength and stiffness coefficient are 20 times greater than that of aluminum 7075-T6, which can reduce the impact of pipeline renewal on Residents' lives by% In addition, thermoplastics can easily withstand the continuous accumulation of water in the door, while aluminum, which is prone to corrosion, needs a special surface coating to prevent corrosion, said the head of the Industrial Development Department of Jiangnan industrial concentration zone

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