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China's urban landscape lighting market has a huge space. Especially in recent years, with the promotion of many major events such as exhibitions, sports events, festivals and celebrations, the market demand for landscape lighting has continued to grow rapidly, and local governments are quite concerned about the city's night lighting. At the same time, more and more cultural and creative enterprises entering the curve display page also cast their eyes on the tourism industry, organically combining "culture + tourism" to derive a new cultural and tourism industry. The night scenery of cultural tourism has also become the key construction project of cultural tourism projects such as characteristic towns and theme parks

what is the current level of landscape lighting in China in the world? What problems are we facing now? How to create a night view of the city? To this end, China Light interviewed Mr. raoweidong, general manager of the landscape culture and tourism business department of Guangzhou Zhujiang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

what is the level of urban landscape lighting in China in the world

Rao Weidong: China's urban landscape lighting is in the leading position in the world, and its development prospect is also very broad. In some major cities, landscape lighting has been included as part of the overall urban planning, and has become an important role in building the urban style by adopting high-standard and modern scientific and technological means. In the process of using landscape lighting products, we can see that leading lighting technologies are widely used, such as LED lighting, projection technology, and intelligent urban lighting overall control system. For many representative landscape lighting products in China, the lighting technology used is not inferior to that of the country. If problems are found, the experiment should be stopped immediately and the pressure should be relieved; International brand, with strong market competitiveness. Moreover, in economically underdeveloped areas, the landscape lighting industry still has great potential to be tapped. On the whole, the development trend of urban landscape lighting in China is good and has a high international status

at present, light pollution has become one of the environmental hot spots highly concerned by the whole society. What problems should be paid attention to in urban landscape lighting planning

Rao Weidong: how to reduce light pollution is the top priority in lighting construction, which has always been the focus of lighting enterprises. The original intention of urban landscape is to beautify the city, not to bring pollution. Judging from the light pollution in recent years, in my submission "In fact, China is short of oil and rich in coal. To control light pollution, we should start from two aspects. On the one hand, we should start from the source. In product design, we should strictly implement international and national standards, especially outdoor lamps and lanterns. We should pay attention to anti glare design to reduce light pollution. On the other hand, in the process of application, urban landscape planning should adopt scientific light control means to control light in different areas of the city, and realize that the brighter the feeling is not light, the brighter the more Well, we should pay more attention to the contrast between light and shadow. We should have light and dark to form a three-dimensional visual experience

from the experience of Zhujiang lighting technology in landscape lighting for many years, what is the difference between the construction of urban landscape lighting in the past and now

Rao Weidong: looking at the changes of China's urban landscape, there are actually two peaks. One is the construction peak of LED lighting replacing traditional lighting from 2008 to 2012, and the other is the new round of construction peak in the direction of urban landscape and cultural tourism lighting from 2015 to the next 3-5 years. Compared with the two, the peak of this time is much larger than that of the last time in terms of project scale

in the past, the light source of landscape lighting was relatively single, which could not well reflect the demands of lighting planning. The functionality of lighting was relatively simple, or it was mainly to create a lively scene and reflect the requirements of simple prosperity. Now, due to the popularity and improvement of LED light sources, the perfect combination of color temperature, color and control system has brought landscape lighting to a new height, and it is mainly advocated to reflect the characteristics of urban areas, Combining urban ecological civilization with the spiritual civilization of people's leisure and entertainment can not only create a characteristic urban landscape, but also avoid the embarrassing situation of thousands of cities in lighting construction

How can the construction of urban night lighting highlight the characteristics of the times and the unique cultural characteristics of the city? Can you give an example

Rao Weidong: China has a long history, with a long history of architectural development and obvious characteristics. Every city has different cultural heritage, and the cases of each city are different. Some cities take mountains, water, cities or large-scale events as the theme, and the characteristics of regional functions, urban economic development and architectural culture are also different. Urban landscape lighting planning should integrate these characteristics, and integrate them with the requirements of urban ecological civilization and the preferences of the people, To highlight the characteristics of the times and the unique cultural characteristics of the city

for example, Pearl River lighting has improved the night scene lighting of four river crossing bridges in Shanghai and both banks of the Bund, the night scene lighting of Shenzhen Luohu District and Shenzhen Bay, and the night scene lighting of Xi'an ancient city wall. In these lighting projects, we have invested in landscape lighting products according to different site needs, combined with local cultural characteristics, and integrated them into the design of night scene lighting, thus creating different styles of expression, Make the space more diverse and colorful, and become a special feature of the city. But at present, ethane in the Middle East can no longer meet the local needs

landscape lighting has blossomed all over China in recent years, and the development in the industry is also very hot. How long do you think this rapid development will last? Or will the market slowly calm down

Rao Weidong: the booming landscape lighting industry is an important indicator of urban construction and development. It represents the overall form of urban construction and development in China. Although there are peaks and valleys in any industry, at present, I think that the first and second tier cities will usher in the peak of landscape lighting construction in the next 3-5 years, but this does not mean that the industry will enter a trough in 3-5 years. Due to the demonstration effect of key cities, the night scene lighting market will be transferred from developed cities to developing cities, and there will be no calming down of the market, but on the whole, the growth rate may decline year-on-year in the past two years

what do you think is the development direction of urban landscape lighting in the future? What are the countermeasures or development strategies of Zhujiang lighting technology in this regard

raoweidong: subtract from the number of domestic urban landscape lighting planning, and radiate the area by establishing a high-quality "characteristic town" and a high-quality urban landscape lighting demonstration project. However, add to the high-quality projects, not simply fill in the number, but enrich and refine the content expression in form, which is in line with the development direction of "beautiful China, beautiful towns" advocated by the state

as a leading enterprise in the industry, Zhujiang lighting is very mature in various technologies such as product control and application. In the process of realizing the transformation from stage lighting to landscape lighting, Zhujiang lighting develops its strengths and circumvents its weaknesses, gives full play to its core advantages, continues to explore and move forward, and has made remarkable achievements. In the future, we will still remember our original intention and forge ahead. People in Zhujiang should deeply understand the development law of this new era. Only by more deeply feeling and understanding the ecological civilization needs of local urban areas, the spiritual civilization needs of ordinary people, and the needs of integrating landscape lighting planning and construction, can we make the products and services presented by Zhujiang give users a better sense of experience

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