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As the saying goes, "people rely on clothes and makeup, and Buddha rely on gold. According to statistics, in 2015, about 71% of the world's vanadium came from vanadium rich steel slag obtained from the processing of vanadium titanomagnetite in the iron and steel metallurgical industry". Good products also need good packaging in order to hit the market. Wang Dan, general manager of Hong Kong Shunhao cigarette bag (Group) Co., Ltd., made a special report entitled "the impact of cardboard on cigarette packaging and Countermeasures" at the "Symposium on the design of cigarette labels of the Framework Convention on tobacco control" held at Xiaoxiang building in Beijing

he said that the world's trend of tobacco packaging equipment is useful: the machine is widely used in the inspection and analysis of materials in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, automobile manufacturing and other industries, with a clear tendency towards cardboard and hard packaging. How does cigarette packaging convey product information to consumer groups in the best way, how to make cigarette products attract the attention of consumers, and how to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, a number of strategic issues about the impact of paperboard on cigarette packaging have been extended

I. the most basic quality requirement of consumers' basic demands on paperboard is that the taste of cigarettes is not affected and consistent. The appearance has strong appeal, good visual whiteness, high-end printing quality and images of Jung seminar, excellent whiteness, smoothness, stiffness, compression resistance and tenacity, so as to maintain the complete shape and texture of cigarettes

II Whether the ideal white cardboard needed by the cigarette industry can achieve outstanding aesthetic effects, establish a brand for best-selling cigarettes, improve the grade of brands and other value-added services, and the main standard in the production and packaging process is whether the packaging machine can play the highest efficiency, high-speed packaging, the lowest shutdown rate, consistent stability, and will not curl, twist and deform, affecting the adhesive fastness

III Tobacco process designers and tobacco printing enterprises interact and cooperate to select excellent and ideal paperboard. Designers will be inspired and created through the printing enterprises to select the high surface smoothness in line with gravure printing, offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing process, with the ability to truly reproduce the most exquisite printing images, and the paperboard that can absorb ink evenly. Finally, it shows the high-quality image required by cigarette enterprises and meets the requirements of manufacturing cigarette packaging materials that are odorless, well formed and three-dimensional

in order to better illustrate the impact of paperboard on cigarette packaging, general manager Wang also gave an example to facilitate participants to better understand. He said:

Shanghai Tobacco Group has just grandly launched the new era giant panda brand, although the design of this brand is different. During the comprehensive evaluation and discussion of the project initiation, Shanghai tobacco group raised similar issues, and there is also a question about how to deal with the threat of counterfeit cigarettes. After many aspects of antifreeze screening, Shanghai tobacco group finally decided to adopt the following countermeasures and solutions:

1 It adopts the unique four layer structure of Sweden igzond, which is 100% pure and original. It is a wood paddle up to 40 years old. It does not contain toluene, butyl acetate and hexyl acetate, which will affect the increase or decrease of sensitive cigarette odor. After many tests by the tobacco testing center, igzond white cardboard does not contain other chemical components, and can maintain the consistency of each cigarette odor

2. In view of the unparalleled surface smoothness and excellent structure of igzond white cardboard, it adopts unique design and concave convex printing: it is printed with four-color offset plate, and the three-dimensional effect of two special colors plus the color change and the panda image that will not rebound after being indented 0.7mm deep, so as to achieve not only the original charm of "Panda" cigarettes, but also the special aesthetic effect of fashion, and achieve greater creative play, Achieve the best printing quality and prevent the effect of fake appearance

3. In view of the close relationship between the concave convex printing and crease characteristics, the tensile strength and tear resistance of the paper and its multi-layer long fiber wood paddle, these superior characteristics are packed with rounded embossing to achieve unique appearance, good molding, no ink explosion and smooth production speed It also makes it easy to identify counterfeit cigarettes

Wang Dan stressed that another problem that cannot be ignored in cigarette packaging is the use of the highest quality surface smoothness, stiffness, strength, and the unique design of embossed cardboard. The more sophisticated the image and combination of its cigarette packaging, the more difficult it is for counterfeiters to fake the same thing, and the higher the cost, so as to prevent counterfeiters from reaching bad intentions Even because the printed image of the manufactured cigarette case appearance is exquisite, firm and perfect, reflecting the high-grade green packaging, it meets the sensory vision of consumers, and meets the sensory touch with obvious intimate trust, so as to make up for and reduce the impact of the aphorism of the tobacco framework control Convention on cigarette packaging

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