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Teijin successfully developed aramid nanofibers that can be produced on a large scale. Teijin technology products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Teijin group, announced on April 26 that the company has developed aramid nanofibers that can be produced on a large scale for the first time. The fibers have high machine appearance and quality, and can provide reliable heat resistance and oxidation resistance. The nanofiber is made of teijinconex heat-resistant meta aramid fiber proprietary to teiren company, with uniform size and diameter of only a few hundred nanometers. It is reported that aramid nanofibers will be used in the manufacture of lithium ion battery (LIBS) diaphragms in the form of non-woven plates, and the company will carry out the commercial production of this fiber in 2014

it is reported that up to now, the aramid nanofibers of Teijin company are only produced in the laboratory, and the plates produced by it can maintain their shape at 300 ° C. The high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of aramid nanofibers can enhance the safety of automotive lithium-ion ignition and static power storage. 3. The effect sequencing ensures that the battery can reduce the risk of fire in the application of high capacity and high energy density, which has more advantages than the traditional diaphragm

other features of aramid nanofiber nonwovens that can be applied to battery diaphragms include:

high porosity can promote the smooth flow of electrolyte, thus having higher power output and fast charging capacity; With large surface area, nano fiber characteristics and high porosity, when the ionic conductivity decreases, the electrolyte can still effectively maintain the performance of the battery at low temperature; As a non-woven plate, compared with the traditional polyolefin diaphragm, it makes the electrolyte absorb more quickly, It helps shorten the time required to pour electrolyte into the battery "We aim at the different consumption habits of Asian consumers to open the control system from the desktop, so as to reduce the production cost of high-capacity batteries.

the person in charge of emperor technology products Co., Ltd. predicts that this light and thin heat-resistant aramid nanofiber plate is widely used, such as capacitor diaphragms, high-performance and high-temperature filters, and heat-resistant cleaners of office automation equipment.

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