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Peng Shou won the 2016 outstanding engineer award

in January 2017, Anhan company will demonstrate the world's first "magnetic capsule endoscope robot system" in Ningbo for the first time. On the 6th, the China foundation for international scientific exchange held the 2016 "outstanding engineer" award ceremony in the great Hall of the people. Peng Shou, President of Kaisheng technology group, chairman and President of China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd., President of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, professor level senior engineer, won the award and took the stage to accept the award. "Outstanding engineer Award" is the only comprehensive award in the field of Engineering Science and technology in China so far, and it is also the most authoritative Award for engineering technicians covering the widest field at present. Only 30 engineers in the country won this honor this year. Victrex said that the performance of this material at the beginning of 2014 was encouraging

PENG Shou is a famous flat glass technology expert in China. For more than 30 years, he has been engaged in scientific research, design, industrialization and Engineering in the leading line of glass engineering technology. He presided over and completed nearly 10 national research projects such as 973, 863 and the national science and technology support plan, especially the sample size of 1230 (L) × 50 (b) mm (short sample can be spliced) has carried out systematic research in the field of solar photovoltaic glass, high-quality float glass and electronic information display glass technology, achieved a series of groundbreaking achievements and achieved large-scale industrialization and engineering. As a leading finisher, he has won three second prizes of national scientific and technological progress, one science and technology award of He Liang He Li foundation, one Guanghua Engineering Science and technology award, one major scientific and technological achievement award of Anhui Province, and seven first prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress due to the continuous growth of viscous strain inside the sample over time

under the initiative of 29 domestic scientists such as Ding Shisun, Zhu Guangya and Shi Changxu, and 25 overseas scientists such as Yang Zhenning, Chen Shengshen and Ding Zhaozhong, the China foundation for international scientific exchange was a science and technology public welfare fund organization approved by the people's Bank of China and registered with the Ministry of civil affairs in May 1999 with the instructions of leading comrades such as Li Peng, Li Lanqing and Wen Jiabao. The outstanding engineer award, approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and the national science and Technology Award Office, was established and hosted by the China foundation for international scientific exchange, and has been selected for two sessions so far. Outstanding engineers are awarded to enterprise engineering and technical personnel who have made outstanding contributions in the field of production and construction nationwide. The selection and commendation of this award is of great significance for optimizing the structure of science and technology awards in China and effectively stimulating the enthusiasm and dedication of engineering and technical personnel under the new situation of scientific and technological innovation; For advocating the social trend of paying attention to the role of engineering technicians and paying attention to the growth of engineering technicians; It is of great significance to explore the use of public welfare means to boost China's scientific and technological innovation and accelerate the realization of the dream of becoming a powerful country

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