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Breakthrough progress has been made in the research and development of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber in Ningbo Institute of materials, CAS UHMWPE fibers that reach the level of cylindrical specimens made from internationally advanced low carbon steel, cast iron and other metal materials (especially the tensile modulus exceeds sk76, reaching the international leading level)

uhmwpe fiber has many excellent properties, such as ultra light, high specific strength, high specific modulus, superior energy absorption, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and light resistance. Together with carbon fiber and aramid fiber, UHMWPE fiber is called the three high-performance fibers. It has been widely used in aerospace, national defense and military, safety protection, marine engineering, sports equipment, electric power communication and other fields, It has become an important high-tech material related to national security and economic development. Although China has broken the monopoly of the Netherlands, the United States and Japan on UHMWPE fiber, there is still a significant gap between the performance of domestic fiber by weighing the raw materials according to the formula and the international advanced level. Therefore, in the face of the upcoming mass production, it is urgent to carry out in-depth systematic research on the fiber preparation process to improve the performance of domestic fiber, so as to provide systematic technical support for the domestic UHMWPE fiber industry

with the support of the important directional project of the knowledge innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the national key 863 project, the Ningbo Materials Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established an engineering research and development team composed of researchers and experienced engineers in the direction of polymer materials and chemical fibers in early 2009. The members of the UHMWPE fiber research and development team are not afraid of hardship. After more than two years of unremitting efforts, A 30 ton/year UHMWPE fiber gel spinning production line has been designed and built, a characterization method for UHMWPE resin and fiber properties and improving the budget structure morphology of energy storage projects has been established, three spinning solution preparation methods have been successfully explored, a quality monitoring system for each process section in the fiber preparation process has been established, the principles and methods for adjusting the fiber preparation process according to the properties of raw materials have been formed, and the process parameters The coupling relationship between structure evolution and fiber properties has formed a UHMWPE fiber preparation process with independent intellectual property rights, which has been able to stably prepare a series of UHMWPE fibers that have reached the international advanced level in batches

the R & D team plans to further improve the performance of UHMWPE fiber, form a series of UHMWPE fiber preparation processes with high strength, high modulus and low cost and medium strength for different application fields, and explore a process route that breaks through the existing gel spinning process after two years of efforts on the basis of the phased achievements

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