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Uncover the secrets of the whole process of RMB complex printing

[ppzhan Abstract] in the past, China's banknote printing industry was very closed. The name of the factory was expressed by code. Now it is slowly unveiling the mystery. The brand of Beijing banknote printing factory has been hung on the door. When people get new money from the bank, they never think it has such a complicated experience! Now let me give you a detailed introduction

printing process

a piece of RMB requires at least more than ten processes from manual engraving to delivery. Working in a banknote printing factory, although all you see are banknotes, the production quantity is strictly controlled, and even the defective RMB can not be thrown away at will. It is reasonable for the workers to be so calm

the printing of RMB is completed by 11 enterprises under the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation under the direct leadership of the people's Bank of China. The place where RMB is printed is called the banknote printing factory

the printing process of RMB can be divided into the following basic steps: paper inspection, prepress treatment and plate making, trial printing, calculation formula of comprehensive ring pressing strength of corrugated board base paper, official printing, quality inspection, cutting, quality inspection, sealing, etc

the banknote paper for printing RMB is watermark paper, which is a special paper for banknote printing. This kind of paper is produced by three banknote paper mills subordinate to China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation: Hebei Baoding Banknote Paper Mill, Jiangsu Kunshan banknote paper mill and Chengdu Banknote Paper Mill. In addition to its physical and chemical properties such as wear resistance, folding resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, it also has built-in security lines, colored red and blue fibers and other anti-counterfeiting means, and is covered with watermark patterns for anti-counterfeiting

before printing, the staff should check the quality of the paper one by one. Because there is a problem with the direction of the watermark, each paper must be stacked according to the direction of the watermark pattern, and the development hole of the downstream shoe material market should be punched on the side with a punch to locate the position. No error is allowed

before printing RMB, the printing template should be made as usual. Because of the use of graphic anti-counterfeiting, the corresponding design software in the computer should be used to design various subtle and complex anti-counterfeiting patterns, and other related words and patterns, and output them into film for backup

the printed RMB is sent to the inspection and sealing workshop, where the quality inspectors will inspect the quality of each RMB under the light: the inspection shows that the impact strength of the sealing workshop is higher than that of most other advanced engineering polymers. There are two steps to check the quality of RMB. The first step is to check the large sheets, that is, to check the large sheets of RMB printed from the printing machine. At this time, the quality inspection is mainly to check whether there is any quality problem in the macro view, such as whether the color is accurate, whether there is damage, whether there is missing printing

when the large sheet is checked, the next process: cutting. Cutting is to cut the RMB on the large sheet into small sheets and turn them into RMB of the same size as we usually use; The next step is to check the small pieces of RMB, for example, whether the number is misprinted, whether the color is uniform, whether the watermark is inverted

and then seal the banknotes that are checked to be correct and transport them to the bank for social circulation

introduction of relevant personnel: when working in a banknote printing factory, there are cameras monitoring every process. In fact, the strict monitoring facilities are your own heart. In the face of a pile of brand-new banknotes causing impact, your heart should be calm, just like an old farmer growing vegetables facing a bundle of cabbage

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