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"City" is man-made: Ningbo Ruyi northern region Marketing Strategy Summit

"city" is man-made: Ningbo Ruyi northern region Marketing Strategy Summit

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on the 24th, Ningbo Ruyi 2015 northern region marketing strategy summit was successfully held in Tianjin Liye Garden Hotel. With the theme of market, the meeting shared with more than 70 dealer representatives the changing trend of market demand for logistics storage equipment in the new era, how to make good use of sales strategies in the fierce competition in the industry, the new concept of forklift product marketing in the era of national e-commerce, and the product development and achievements of Ruyi company. Chu Jiang, general manager of Ningbo Ruyi, Feng Zhenli, general manager of the R & D team night held by the executive vice president, Gu Zicheng, domestic marketing director, and Ms. Zeng Qiong, after-sales manager attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches

2015 is the thirtieth year since the founding of Ningbo Ruyi. The three decades of spring and autumn witnessed the rapid development of China's economy and the development and growth of the domestic material handling industry. Under the influence of price factors, Mr. Li Chujiang introduced the brilliant history of Ruyi company to the dealer friends present at the meeting. Only in the new era can it be defined as a qualified flame retardant material Ruyi's development opportunities and challenges. Combined with the experience of many visits to different regional markets around the world, the characteristics of domestic and foreign markets and the future demand trend of electric industrial vehicles were shared

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