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The market is worried about weakening oil demand, crude oil fell

crude oil futures closed at a five week low on Wednesday, because the market is worried that crude oil demand in the United States, the world's largest crude oil consumer, is in demand

the settlement price of September light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by 1.8, mainly for metal and non-metal stretching, tightening, twists and turns and other experiments of $6 to 91.9, making Zhongwang the first aluminum processing enterprise in China that can independently design and manufacture all aluminum body + all aluminum chassis $3, down 2%, the lowest level since June 27. The settlement price of September Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) fell $3.23, or 2.8%, to $113.23 a barrel

data released by the Department of energy showed that US commercial crude oil inventories increased by nearly 1million barrels last week, which affected the decline in crude oil futures prices. Moreover, gasoline inventories soared. This indicates that the demand for crude oil and fuel in the United States is weakening. Moreover, such a data background suggests that the economic recovery has stalled

Matt Smith, an oil analyst at Summit energy, said that this is just another indicator indicating a slowdown in oil demand, which eventually pushed down oil prices

according to the energy information administration under the U.S. Department of energy, gasoline inventories rose 1.7 million barrels last week. Distillate oil inventories, including heating oil and diesel, increased by 400000 barrels. The operating rate of the refinery rose by 1% to 89.3%

analysts surveyed by Dow Jones newswires expect crude oil inventories to increase by 1.1 million barrels. Gasoline inventory is expected to increase by 100000 barrels, and distillate oil inventory is expected to increase by 1.7 million barrels. Please turn off the power switch directly. The operating rate of the refinery fell by 0.2%

affected by the increase of the standard gb/t50329 ⑵ 002 for wood structure experimental method of gasoline inventory, the price of gasoline futures contract fell sharply. In September, the settlement price of rbob gasoline futures fell 10.60 cents, or 3.5%, to $2.9313 per gallon

what worries crude oil market observers most is that there are more and more signs that gasoline demand is declining, and gasoline demand tends to peak at this time of year. According to the data of the energy information administration, as of July 29, gasoline demand fell 3.6% year-on-year to 9.06 million barrels a day, the lowest level in the same period in nine years

other economic data also showed that the US economy began to stagnate. Data released by the Institute for supply management (ISM) on Wednesday showed that the expansion rate of non manufacturing industries in the United States was unusually slow in July. On Tuesday, data from the American Institute of supply management showed that the expansion rate of the manufacturing industry was much slower than expected

some traders suggested that crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange may fall by $90 for the first time since the end of June

news outside the United States also aggravated the decline of crude oil futures this trading day. According to an official told Dow Jones newswires this week, Saudi Arabia, the world's largest crude oil exporter, has increased its crude oil production to the highest level since the early 1980s due to the lack of Libyan crude oil exports

not only that, emergency crude oil reserves have just been put on the market. The US Energy Information Administration reported on Wednesday that 3.6 million barrels of crude oil were put on the market from the strategic oil reserve last week

the settlement price of heating oil futures in September fell 7.27 cents, or 2.4%, to $3.0189 per gallon

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