Bitfury will launch energy-efficient soaking cooli

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Bitfury will launch energy-efficient immersive cooling data center

cutting edge breakthrough technology sets new standards

ctiforum on December 16 (Li Wenjie): bitfurygroup, the world's leading bitcoin blockchain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company, will open its third large data center next week

this new large-scale data center is located in the Republic of Georgia, and its power capacity will be as high as 40mW. It can use bitfury's latest generation of 28nm and 16nm ASIC chips for transaction processing. This new processing center will make full use of bitfury's proprietary immersion cooling technology developed by alliedcontrol. Bitfury acquired alliedcontrol earlier this year and purchased hydropower energy locally. Bitfury immersion cooling system supports the performance calculation application data center cooling system of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex jointly established by Gao and Zibo Municipal government, and its products finally use a kind of cooling system called stereo lithography (stereolith improves policy effectiveness and achieves energy conservation. Valeryvavilov, CEO of bitfury, said: the data center will push immersion cooling technology to a new level and set a new standard for data processing using renewable energy. Bitfury is leading innovation in this field, setting up a new data center and working together with our global partners to promote this important work, which we are proud of.

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bitfury uses renewable energy in all its data center operations and is always committed to maintaining the smallest possible carbon emissions. Today, the company announced a breakthrough in data center efficiency led by alliedcontrol, a subsidiary of bitfurygroup. Alliedcontrol focuses on the new two-phase immersion cooling (2pic) technology, which significantly improves the power density, increases the power density of each horizontal rack from an average of about 5kW to 10kW to a record 250KW, reduces the cooling energy consumption by more than 96%, and the energy utilization rate reaches 1.02, significantly speeding up the deployment time and providing environmental sustainability

bitfury establishes its own fully customized application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), printed circuit boards, servers and data centers. The company will deploy its 28nm and 16nm ASIC using alliedcontrol's award-winning two-phase immersion cooling technology. This innovative two-phase immersion cooling technology will allow ASIC to operate more efficiently, enabling bitfury to reduce its operating costs. This technology also allows it to run fewer chips at higher temperatures, especially early in the product life cycle. The two-phase immersion cooling technology can also recover and utilize almost all the waste heat from local industrial or municipal uses, and reduce the net operating cost

when renewable energy is used to power the immersion cooling system, the effect is that the rolled recording paper used operates close to carbon neutrality

the ability to manufacture dense circuit boards and the high performance during overclocking make the two-phase immersion cooling technology very suitable for blockchain transaction processing, which is an industry requiring processing capacity, and the industry is growing at an unprecedented rate

with the continuous development of this technology, this growth and development can provide a roadmap for high-performance computing in the upcoming era of exahash (bitcoin network computing capacity exceeds 1000ph/s (millions of cubic hash operations))

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