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In terms of global macro-economy, the U.S. non farm employment data released last week performed well, which boosted domestic stock index futures. In early trading today, Shanghai and Shenzhen markets both jumped short and opened low, and then stabilized and rebounded driven by the real estate sector, making the decline more narrow than other materials. In terms of stock index futures, the main short jumps, such as tubes, rods, wires, plates, films, wire and cable coatings, opened low, and bottomed out in the session

the domestic commodity futures market is almost green today, and the metal market is generally down; The energy and chemical industry market was supported by the high price of upstream crude oil, and chemicals rose and fell

Liansu's main contract 1401 jumped high in early trading, and the initial price remained high and fluctuated in a narrow range, exploring the 10380 pressure level. In the session, the main force went down in a straight line and fell to near 10280 for shock consolidation. At noon, the main force continued to fall slightly, and the futures price maintained a weak consolidation around 10250. The final closing fell by 55 to 10250, or 0.53%, and the K-line closed negative, with an increase of 198052 to 588902 transactions and an increase of 27782 to 288094 positions

pvc main contract 1309 opened slightly higher in the morning, and after the opening, the main force showed a weak and narrow range shock downward pattern. There is no major change in fundamentals. The downstream needs to adapt to the application of foam granulator in the new era, and the price of PVC is difficult to rebound. At noon, PVC main force maintained weak consolidation near 6590. The final closing fell by 30 to 6590, or 0.45%. The K-line closed negative, with an increase of 2604 to 4264 transactions and a decrease of 1568 to 20658 positions

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