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Recently, the author learned from a number of home decoration companies and home decoration glass doors and windows merchants in the urban area that although it has entered the peak decoration season this year, compared with the same period last year, the whole market is still a lot colder. The author saw the non composite film in many door and window stores in the urban area. There were more staff in the store than customers coming to the door, and many staff sat idle and chatted

'compared with the same period last year, the number of owners who choose to place an order for decoration is 10-20% less.' Zhang Qi, the director of decoration design of famous craftsman, told the author, "the amount of orders has also decreased compared with last year, and has also decreased by oneortwo percent." This is also recognized by most home decoration glass door and window merchants. Another merchant said, "after May Day, it seemed deserted. Selle Royal spent a long time carefully researching and regularly disassembling and inspecting the jaw splint of the screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine. The passenger flow was almost reduced by twoorthree percent, and most customers came to see, and few placed orders."

then, why will the market for home decoration glass doors and windows suffer a cold reception this summer? According to the analysis of insiders, the regulation of the property market and the inherent decoration concept of citizens are the main reasons

as a downstream industry of real estate, the home decoration market is inevitably affected by the regulation of the real estate market during this period. Then the displacement and load of the rod assembly move in a linear relationship, and the national real estate regulation policies have been issued one after another. At present, there is more or less a wait-and-see mood in the local real estate market. Fewer people buy houses, and naturally fewer people decorate. House prices are high. For many property buyers who are not well-off, after buying a house, they can only find guerrillas to simply decorate it. There is really no extra financial resources to find regular home decoration companies

the inherent concepts of citizens also have the same "power". The biggest advantage of home decoration companies lies in the design and quality control at all levels, which makes the owners think that choosing home decoration companies is costly and uneconomical. Many owners follow traditional habits and think that summer is not suitable for decoration. In fact, summer decoration has many advantages

in view of the sluggish market ahead, analysts believe that businesses should take the initiative to attract the attention of consumers with more preferential prices and better services. In addition, we should also vigorously publicize the benefits of summer decoration, gradually change the concept of citizens, make summer the peak season of decoration, and let the development have a breakthrough freshness

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