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The market leader of global machine video optimizes its customer support and service

global service and support experts consolidate and strengthen the operation and management of Isra video. The market leader of global machine video optimizes its customer support and service. Isra vision Ag strengthens its customer support and service center (CSSC) by employing Peter Hohoff manager with international experience. Since April this year, Mr. Peter Hohoff has officially taken over the work of the global customer service and support center of Isra video in herten, Germany, in order to provide more effective and innovative support for users around the world in terms of service, training, after-sales service, spare parts and services. As a mechanical engineer, Peter HOHO has reduced his weight. Mr. FF has rich experience in global support services in the field of high-tech equipment. He once led the team and has been engaged in the operation of global service and customer support for many years. One of its important tasks is to work directly with Isra's company management committee to restructure and optimize Isra's customer support

in order to meet our customers' growing expectations for round the clock and global service, but the road to the blue ocean needs to overcome difficulties, we restructure and expand our customer center. Mr. Enis ers, CEO of Isra video group, explained that we are proud to hire Mr. Peter Hohoff with rich experience, And we have noticed the timely and positive feedback from our customers

Isra vision, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is one of the world's top industrial image processing (machine vision) companies, the leader of global surface detection systems, and one of the leading suppliers of three-dimensional (3D) machine vision. At present, it has more than 20 branches in the world and has more than 25 years of rich development and manufacturing experience. Our machine vision systems are used in production optimization and automation industries in different fields, such as automotive, glass, paper, plastics, printing and metal industries. As the name suggests, machine vision is to replace human eyes with machine vision for quality control and production management, so as to obtain faster and more accurate results than human eyes

the development potential of this industry is huge. Even so far, many potential applications of existing technologies have not been realized. Experts pointed out that its application is less than one third of the market potential

the system solutions provided by Isra video have been successfully installed in more than 10000 sets worldwide, and provide customers with round the clock service. At the beginning of the experiment, the friction ring does not rotate for seven days, 365 days a year. Isra's products have unlimited value, because our machine vision solutions can reduce production costs, improve efficiency and improve product quality. Through these programs, it will play a decisive role in the global competition and ensure a long-term market leader position

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