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The biting position of printing paper

we usually start to make up when we see the printing size, and when making up, it will involve the hydraulic universal experiment, which can complete the stretching and tightening of data and zigzag to the biting problem of paper. Many people don't know what the biting year 2015 is, Now let's briefly introduce:

bite probably about 30% of the non frozen soil in the world is acidic soil.

bite refers to the part of the paper that is clamped by the paper feeding device of the printing machine when the printing machine is transferring paper. This is the part that cannot be colored by printing ink. When designing the layout or making up, there must be no picture content. Whether it is split, 4-way or 8-way printing, there is a bite on one side when conveying paper. Biting is the part where the paper is first transferred into the machine during the printing process, and it is also the part that cannot be touched by the printing plate. Generally, it is controlled between 7mm-15mm, so the non printing area of the biting part must be deducted when calculating the actual printing area

self reproduction is to print half of the front image and text, and the other half of the back image and text in a printed sheet. The front and back sides are printed once with the same printing plate, becoming two slave prints. In printing, printing workers and PS plates can be saved. According to the layout form, it is divided into upper and lower self turning plates and gaskets. The left and right self turning plates should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy

when making up, you should pay attention to one bite position for the left and right editions, and two bite positions for the upper and lower editions

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