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The market is intertwined with long and short positions, and the Shanghai glue high level fluctuates

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tocom day. If you use it to make the K-line chart of clothing glue on a continuous day

the chart is the K-line chart of TOCOM daily glue on a continuous day. (picture source: Southwest futures)

K-line chart of Shanghai Jiao main contract day

the chart is the K-line chart of Shanghai Jiao main contract day. (picture source: Southwest futures)

facing the Christmas holiday abroad this week, the market transaction is quite light, and the US dollar is under certain pressure after reaching above 78,; The crude oil market performed strongly this week, and the rise and fall of the US dollar eased some pressure on the commodity market. At the same time, abnormal weather in Europe and the United States accelerated downstream heating consumption. OPEC also said at this week's meeting that maintaining current production is more critical because most of the economic data that will increase production efficiency by more than 15% this week performed better, and the road to economic recovery is brighter

Tianjiao didn't have much hype news on its own this week, and the trend of the peripheral market has become the main factor affecting the market. The Shanghai rubber market maintained a volatile upward trend, and the rise slowed down compared with the previous period. After hitting a new year high again in the intraday, it fell back. Compared with other industrial products, the market's vertical heat exchange performance was relatively low, and the trend was somewhat weak compared with other industrial products. This week, some market funds were transferred to the far month contract, which promoted the far month trend to be stronger than that in recent months, and the 03 contract week increased by 0.09%; The Japanese glue market is relatively strong. At the beginning of the week, it fluctuated at the new high of last week to digest the high pressure. In addition, the Japanese glue market was closed for a day on Wednesday, so it has been dominated by consolidation at the beginning of the week. Since Thursday, the Japanese glue was driven by the strength of the crude oil market, and it rose again in the session, once close to 280 days. 6G extruded wet pulp was taken to replace 2G absolute dry pulp yuan. From the perspective of fund positions, non-commercial net long positions are gradually increasing, and funds are still optimistic about the trend of Japanese glue

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