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The market prospect is promising, and the frequency converter industry tends to mature.

China's high-voltage frequency converter market maintained an explosive growth trend during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". After the initial stage, the industry is gradually maturing

in the past 20 years, low-voltage inverter manufacturers have "joined forces". Not only Japanese Sanken company, Fuji company, German Siemens company, Swiss ABB company and other foreign-funded enterprises have entered the Chinese market and built factories in China, but also Chengdu Senlan company, Shenzhen yingweiteng company Taizhou Fuling company and more than 70 domestic frequency converter manufacturers have entered the market. At present, the annual sales of low-voltage inverter market in China is more than 1billion yuan. Since 2005, the average annual sales of low-voltage inverter market in China has increased by more than 20%

improve the technical level

the data shows that in 2006, China added 1200 new orders for high-voltage inverters, with a value of 1.02 billion yuan; In 2007, 2000 new orders were ordered, with an amount of 1.65 billion yuan; The sales in 2008 and 2009 were 2.72 billion yuan and 4.61 billion yuan respectively

according to the statistical survey of 19 Enterprises above Designated Size in the industry by relevant authorities, the total industrial output value (current year price) and industrial sales output value increased by 32.11% and 33.94% year-on-year respectively in 2007; In 2008, the year-on-year growth was 26.04% and 19.74% respectively. The maintenance life of the economical ball screw is improved, and the wettability of the matrix to the filler is much higher than that of the trapezoidal screw. The line quality is improved, and the economic benefit is increased significantly

in recent years, domestic frequency converter manufacturers with a certain scale and strength have begun to increase investment in the development of key technologies of products, carry out independent research and innovation, and carry out in accordance with international standards. Therefore, the disadvantages of using are: poor fitting of fabrics, poor touch and softness, and the production of low hardness products, which greatly improves the overall technical level of domestic frequency converters. For example, Senlan company took the lead in developing high-performance vector control frequency converter by itself, and adopted a number of patents and proprietary technologies such as "quasi superconducting vector control frequency conversion technology". Many indicators of the product have reached the international advanced level and won high praise from the market. At the same time, domestic frequency converter manufacturers have subdivided the market, achieved differentiated production with foreign products according to the actual needs of the Chinese market, and made certain achievements in the development and application of special frequency converters, which have been accepted by the market

breaking the monopoly pattern

with the rapid development of China's low-voltage inverter industry for more than 20 years, the industry has gradually broken the monopoly pattern of foreign investors

in terms of market share, the market share of domestic brands has expanded rapidly from 8% in 2002 to 40% in 2009, but there are still 60% foreign brands. In terms of the number of brands in the market, the number of domestic brands is the largest, accounting for about 70%. Domestic frequency converter manufacturers, such as Shenzhen yingweiteng company and Chengdu Senlan company, are gradually taking shape, but their overall strength is not enough to compete with international top brands. The gap is obvious, but it is gradually narrowing

with the rise of domestic high-voltage inverter manufacturers such as Lide Huafu and Dongfang Hitachi, the industry pattern of monopoly of imported products by foreign manufacturers has been broken, and the market share has also been concentrated in the hands of a few leading manufacturers such as Lide Huafu and Siemens

due to localized production, the existence of scale effect and the increasing maturity of technology, the manufacturing cost of products in the whole industry has decreased significantly compared with the past. The reduction of product price has significantly increased the cost performance of high-voltage inverter, and the "price" no longer makes users feel daunted. After end users purchase high-voltage frequency converters, the energy-saving effect is very significant, and the market demand is increasing

great potential in the future

considering the current total installed capacity of motors, the proportion of frequency converters equipped with motors, the national planning goal of "energy conservation and consumption reduction", as well as the speed of economic development in China, the potential of frequency converter Market in China is still great

experts believe that the inverter market will develop towards high-power and high-end in the future. Inverter technology itself has a technological development process from low voltage to high voltage, and from small power to high power. The product development trend is that the power of inverter products is getting larger and larger, which is suitable for the energy-saving speed regulation needs of larger motors

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