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Poor implementation of the market hybrid standard how to prevent fire? The brand and composition of the alloy have not been reported in the media.

poor implementation of the market hybrid standard how to prevent fire in the unburned

October 21, 2011

[China paint information] the "CCTV Fire" in Beijing in 2009, the "11.15 fire" in Shanghai in 2010... In recent years, with the promotion of urbanization, The fire prevention problem of building materials has become increasingly prominent

fire retardant coating, as a new type of fire-proof material, is widely used in the building materials industry because of its convenient use and remarkable effect. However, a recent survey and interview found that there are problems in the fire retardant coating market, such as mixed fish and dragons, and the implementation of standards and specifications is not in place. The building fire protection industry urgently needs the standardization and healthy development of fire retardant coating products

According to statistics, from 2008 to 2010, a total of 398000 fires occurred in China (excluding fires in forests, grasslands, armies, and underground mines), killing 3865 people, injuring 1967 people, and causing direct property losses of 5.21 billion yuan. Compared with the previous three years, the loss of fire increased by 55.5%

the fire situation is becoming more and more serious, and the fire retardant coating that can control the building fire is of great use. However, the survey found that the fire retardant coating market is mixed, "Shanzhai goods" are rampant... Various adverse market environments have inevitably cast a question mark on the effect of fire retardant coating

on October 9, Shandong graphene industrialization demonstration base was listed in Jining new materials Industrial Park in July; With the approval of the Ministry of industry and information technology, he visited Beijing Jiuxianqiao building materials decoration market as a purchaser of construction sites. In the paint and coating area, it is noted that there are a wide variety of fire-proof products, including fire-proof paint, fire-proof paint, fire-proof agent, etc., which are dazzling. The price of fire-proof coating varies. The price of coating of the same specification ranges from more than 10 yuan to more than 200 yuan. The nominal functions on the packaging barrel are more diverse. Some fire-proof coatings boast not only fire prevention, but also corrosion prevention or waterproof

the owner of one of the stores told him that if the fire-proof coating is used for self decoration, you can choose the fire-proof coating with good quality; If the quality and performance requirements of construction site procurement are not particularly high, the fire-proof coating with low price can be selected. Another business directly recommended two fire-proof coatings, and affirmed that if you really want to achieve fire-proof effect, you should choose these two brands of fire-proof coatings, and try not to consider others

it was also learned in the interview that the coatings produced by some enterprises were not filed with the fire department, and some construction sites generally did not look at the brand when they came to purchase, preferring to choose low-cost coatings, and some real fire-proof coatings were even crowded out of market

in close cooperation with designers of automatic and double clutch transmissions, the standard "awesome" and "missing"

at present, China's fire retardant coating production enterprises have begun to take shape, developed to more than 200, and the annual sales of fire retardant coating has reached tens of thousands. Of course, it is also related to other factors such as the diameter and length of transmission pipeline. In addition, China's fire retardant coating industry has established a relatively perfect standard system. Among them, mandatory national standards include code for fire protection design of buildings (GB), code for fire protection design of high rise civil buildings (GB), fire retardant coatings for steel structures (GB), etc

in terms of various regulations, the standards and specifications of fire retardant coatings in China are very "awesome", and the requirements are no less stringent than those in foreign countries. For example, when China requires buildings to reach grade I fire resistance rating, the fire resistance limit of "columns" in building components is 3 hours, and the fire resistance limit of grade II is 2.5 hours. According to Zhao Chenggang, director of the fire prevention building materials inspection room of the national fire prevention building materials quality supervision and inspection center, the inspection room inspects more than 5000 samples sent by enterprises in one year. Different fire prevention materials have different inspection standards, which mainly inspect the fire resistance performance. The fire resistance performance inspection also involves fire doors, fire windows, firewalls, etc

according to Chen Zhangli, a researcher in the building materials industry of CIC consulting, due to many loopholes in the development of the industry, market implementation is still lack of strength, and the "lack" of standard implementation has seriously affected the overall development of the industry. On the one hand, the inadequate implementation is related to the loopholes in market supervision, on the other hand, it is also related to social attention and other factors

in Jiuxianqiao building materials and decoration market, it was also noted that the executive standards were not marked on the outer packaging of some fire retardant coatings at all. There are many kinds of coatings to serve consumers with different needs, but some illegal manufacturers have taken advantage of this to deceive consumers under the banner of new fire retardant coatings and new paints

don't be greedy for bargains when purchasing

the key to the fire prevention of high-rise buildings is to do a good job in fire prevention design. The main structure of the building should have sufficient fire resistance stability. The selection of fire separation and indoor decoration materials should be cautious, strengthen self-help measures, ensure the smoothness of fire access and the normal work of early warning system, and finally, ensure strict fire management. In addition to high-rise buildings, the application of fire retardant coatings in ordinary home decoration is also becoming more and more common. In the face of a wide variety of fire retardant coatings on the market, how should ordinary consumers choose to polish their eyes

it is understood that the sales of fire retardant coatings must have the "product type approval certificate" issued by the fire product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of public security and the test report of the national testing center. Generally, the product certificate, the laser anti-counterfeiting mark of the Ministry of public security and the quality tracking mark of the national fire prevention material supervision and inspection center are pasted on the packaging barrel of fire-proof coating

industry experts pointed out that the following points should be paid attention to when purchasing fire retardant coatings: first of all, it depends on the manufacturer. Brand enterprises have good reputation guarantee, and their product quality is generally reassuring; Secondly, carefully understand the relevant quality standards, carefully compare various indicators and standards, or you can choose simple methods to test; Thirdly, don't influence the decision-making because of greed for cheapness. Shopping around can better control costs. Therefore, consumers should observe and understand more when buying, and avoid buying cheap fake and inferior coatings to avoid future troubles

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