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Spiral bevel gear information introduction

the tooth shape of spiral bevel gear is circular arc shape, and it is generally conical, like umbrella, so it is called spiral bevel gear. Spiral bevel gear is a kind of transmission part that can drive smoothly and with low noise according to a stable transmission ratio. It has different names in different regions, and is also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, etc. Spiral bevel gear has high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high bearing capacity, stable and smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy and material saving, space saving, and resistance to trial. In 2017, the power battery is mainly composed of 3-yuan 111 and 523 models. A steel rod is placed at the upper center line of the main parts, with long service life and low noise. Among all kinds of mechanical transmission, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gear is the highest, which has great economic benefits for all kinds of transmission, especially high-power transmission; When transmitting the same torque, the transmission pair of transmission parts needs the most space saving, which is smaller than the space size required by belt and chain transmission. One steel ball above rotates against three stationary steel balls below; The transmission ratio of spiral bevel gear is permanently stable, which is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of all kinds of mechanical equipment; The spiral bevel gear works reliably and has a long service life

the dimensions and specifications of spiral bevel gear are 10mm-1600mm in diameter, modulus and modulus, and the accuracy grade of spiral bevel gear is gb5-gb8. According to the different design methods, processing methods and processing equipment of spiral bevel gears, spiral bevel gears can be divided into German Klinger spiral bevel gears, American Gleason spiral bevel gears and Swiss orincom spiral bevel gears, which are usually called Klinger spiral bevel gears, Gleason spiral bevel gears and orincom spiral bevel gears. There are some small differences between these different types of spiral bevel gears, but the main parameters still have many similarities. According to the different application environment of spiral bevel gear, various parameters are also very different. According to the different use environment, spiral bevel gear can be divided into centrifugal separator series spiral bevel gear, vertical coal mill spiral bevel gear, textile machinery series spiral bevel gear, reducer series spiral bevel gear, automobile variable speed transmission series spiral bevel gear, steel rolling machinery series spiral bevel gear, mining machinery series spiral bevel gear Wheel loader series spiral bevel gear, with the maturity of magnesium alloy technology and the increasing demand for lightweight, side mixer series spiral bevel gear, DCY reducer spiral bevel gear, DBY reducer spiral bevel gear, universal milling head spiral bevel gear, wire drawing machine series spiral bevel gear, cement vertical mill spiral bevel gear, oilfield drilling rig series spiral bevel gear, engineering machinery series spiral bevel gear, high-frequency welded pipe spiral bevel gear Stainless steel welded pipe spiral bevel gear, pipe making machinery spiral bevel gear, cold bending forming machine series spiral bevel gear, hard tooth surface spiral bevel gear and other series of spiral bevel gears

spiral bevel gears are widely used in many industries at home and abroad, such as Oilfield Petrochemical machinery, all kinds of machine tools, all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, steel rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery, marine machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, forklift, elevator, reducer, aircraft manufacturing and so on. Spiral bevel gears are used in various mechanical equipment, showing their excellent performance, and are deeply welcomed by aerospace equipment manufacturers, ship and shipyards, engineering machinery plants, metallurgical equipment plants, steel rolling spare parts plants, steel rolling machinery plants, steel rolling mills, metallurgical machinery plants, mining machinery plants, coal mining machinery plants, oil field petrochemical machinery plants, textile machinery plants, machine tool plants, equipment companies, elevator companies, aircraft manufacturers, reducer plants Coal mining machinery plant, light industrial machinery plant, steel rolling plant, steel rolling equipment plant, metallurgical equipment plant and other types of customers love

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