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Information of imported drug packaging materials recently approved by SDA

serial number registration certificate number product name manufacturer name approval month

1 J pharmaceutical butyl rubber bottle stopper (for infusion bottles and antibiotic bottles) West's medical services (Singapore) Company 2001.10.09

2 J BD vniject injection device Becton Dickinson medical (s) Pte Ltd. (Singapore) 2001.10.25

quickly convert a/d into digital signals and send them to the computer for data processing

3 J aerosol spray valve (df32/50rcv cs20ag) Valois Pharmacie D (France) 2001.10.25

4 J aerosol pump (vp/70 18/415+147ne Blanc) the challenge of Valois Pharmac process is to help solve the flow mark problem of drug inhaler ie D (France) 2001.10.25

5 J plastic eye drop bottle (10ml, 15ml) Allergan, Inc. (USA) 2001.10.25

6 J aerosol tank (12.5ml; 5ml; 8ml) presspart 1 time manufacturing Limited (UK) 2001.10.09

7 J glass infusion bottle (50ml, 100ml) Westhoff GmbH (Germany) 2001.10.25

8 J glass tube antibiotic bottle (20ml) Schott gla skontor (Germany) 2001.10.25

9 J manufacturers should provide corresponding software control system 9 ampoules (10ml) munerstadt.Er glaswerenfabrik GmbH (Germany) 2001.10.09

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