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Informatization construction of Heli shares

for Heli, informatization has always been the foundation and is in a very important position. Informatization is like a leg of our enterprise. The lack of it is to thicken the viscosity of the oil, and we will not walk smoothly. However, informatization is our short leg, because we didn't connect the goal with the activities of management informatization when we set the goal. Due to the lack of benefit evaluation before construction, we can't compare and evaluate after completion, and we can't accurately record the changes in the implementation process. This is also our great regret

review of Heli informatization construction

in 1997, we completed our own ERP and began to adjust foreign standard modules; In 1999, our software supplier was merged by IFS as a whole, and the product idea has changed, and we are also at the crossroads of whether to change or not. In constant exploration, our team found its own direction with efforts. At the end of 2000, it took us two years to develop our first ERP software system, which won the special prize of personal products in Microsoft Office competition at that time

facts have proved that we took a difficult and important step at the beginning. From the perspective of cost, having our own ERP software is not less expensive than outsourcing software, but our ERP system has changed from the original user to the supporting system. Not only that, heli supports harmonious growth, harmony helps Heli grow, and new software plays an important role in adaptability and group application - stepping up to a higher level (New Heli uses harmony completely). In fact, we set up the company at a cost of no more than 300000

further, since this software is completely our own copyright, it can develop in the direction of internationalization and diversification with the will of joint forces in the future

get on the boat and push into the water

along the way, I found that information construction 1 4 To build a service-oriented enterprise, we must "push onto the boat and into the water", so that everyone can push forward desperately. for instance. On April 28 this year, our problem center solved more than 4000 problems; We solved more than 400 in one day yesterday. So many problems can be seen from our efforts in information construction

the sales point of Heli in the future will essentially become a "4S" store. Take hardware as the service carrier, use services to drive sales, and take services as products. When conditions permit, we should build an advanced system and pay attention to the construction of service capacity rather than appearance

therefore, the construction of service institutions is more about their own capabilities. The ship has already been built. Now we need to rush everyone to the ship

with the emergence of information systems from scratch, now everyone has begun to realize the driving effect of information systems on the management system and the improvement of management ideas. After that, Xinheli will focus on three major tasks: infrastructure construction, process construction and new information system construction

Heli's "molting project"

it is expected that around 2008, with the complete relocation of the new system, all companies will move there (70% will pass by the end of 2006). Relocation means "molting project" for Heli, and the new information system will bring transformation to "management thought", "process" and "operation mode"

the road to the construction of Heli information system is not smooth. Our management force is very strong, and because of this, our management inertia is relatively strong, so we are still constantly adapting and overcoming; In addition, the adjustment of the process is extremely cautious, and the informatization construction of Heli has its own characteristics in this regard. We bypassed BPR when we launched the information system, and so far we have not built the process management as a system. However, the BPR of Heli is not absent, but is completed imperceptibly. For example, the change of an operation process has been proposed and discussed by us. At present, it is done by ourselves, and it does not involve the change of organizational structure. However, in the future, when Xinheli information system operates, business process design will be the main task. So we are equal to doing a good job in the environment first, and then handing it over to the key project. The BPR completed in this process is an opportunity that can be met and formed by two copper plates

innovation and imitation

let's look back at innovation. I don't think it's important to have strong innovation ability, but we need to have first-class imitation ability. Chery changed the whole chassis and learned to imitate; GM cannot win the lawsuit because there is innovation in imitation. Through imitation, we have improved our technical level, and in the 06 products, we have added our own innovative things, which has made great changes. Heli hopes to serve with its own innovative products

consulting from the perspective of informatization

in terms of consulting ideas, AMT is not report oriented, but problem oriented, transferring to the enterprise's method and ability to solve problems, and cultivating the enterprise's internal consulting team. Although the consulting team within the enterprise has proved to be the most effective, I think we should also pay attention to the communication with the enterprise team, especially with the highest level. This is the key question: who is the object of consulting services? It must be implemented for someone or someone at a certain level. Therefore, it is very important for us to establish a stable high-level communication mechanism. If the high-level executive force is not strong, then we can only talk about ideas

the informatization of resultant force can be said to be a process from distrust to deification (omnipotence) to return to normality. This is a good or bad change, which is problematic in principle. The good thing is that the joint informatization construction is becoming more and more practical. In the process, we gradually find many unfinished details. The question now is how to do better. Our plan is to carry out large-scale construction from 2004 to 2005, pay attention to details from 2005 to 2008, and large-scale construction after 2008; The plan for next year is to make continuous it improvement in details

as for the current bottleneck, Mr. Zhang talked about brain power and the introduction of external forces: how to treat the results of consultation and apply the results to better match the solid work of the project; How to popularize the achievements of external brain to every corner of the enterprise. It is believed that the informatization construction of joint efforts can be improved by reviewing the situation of informatization. (end)

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