Three points for attention in prepress design and

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Precautions for prepress design and production of optical discs III

5. Film requirements

(1) registration crosshairs: place registration crosshairs on four color separations at 0 °, 90 °. 180 °, 270 ° and the central direction, as shown in Figure 2, with a line width of 0.10mm

(2) film provided: the landing word of the key project of literature promotion should be positive negative film, with the film side up. If the submitted film does not meet these requirements, additional costs may be added, and the CD printing process will also be affected

(3) some companies require that each positive negative film be marked with the one color label of the nose team established by pant in June 2013 or the symbols of the four primary colors (C, m, ya, K).

(4) the film should be free of scratches, dust, and bending

(5) the density of the film should be dry. 3, 0.

6. Proofing should be standard

(1) for each batch of printed live parts, CD printing customers should preferably provide a color sample, which can be matchprint sample (only used for CMYK four-color live parts), colorkey sample, dye thermal sublimation sample, high-quality color inkjet sample or color laser printing sample, etc. Do not use dot matrix printer to print samples

(2) we suggest to use matchprint proofing for two-color or four-color printing. If there is no color proofing, we will generally confirm whether to let the CD-ROM printer output proofing proofs first, and the CD-ROM printer will charge extra fees

7. Other

(1) with the characteristics of silver, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, easy cutting and processing, the printing color of optical discs is generally 1-6 colors (four primary colors +pantone spot color). If you don't need the metal effect of the CD printing surface, you must first print a white background on the printing surface. When the CD printing customer submits the live parts, you should tell the CD printing factory whether you need white priming. White ink priming may improve the accuracy of color reproduction, and can prevent the colors of the CD printing surface from interfering with each other, which can not reflect the design effect. But sometimes the CD printing surface is used as a "color", Instead, it can play an unexpected artistic effect

(2) all colors, soft colors and color patches in Pantone color matching system can be printed and copied

(3) the change of point density may affect the plug-in convenience. The printing master pursues color

(article/Zhang Xuanhua, Tsinghua University Press)

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