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Making leaflets: 5 details to avoid single page hard injury

now, most people are familiar with leaflets, which are found in every corner of our life. And with the improvement of consumer aesthetics, the form and content of single page have also made more breakthroughs. When businesses use single page publicity, but it has been improved compared with the figure of 30.7% in 2000, they also need to be sharp eyed and eliminate some details. Perhaps these details may sound trivial, but it is likely to become a hard wound for consumers not to recognize and trust your promotional content. The director of graphic design said that there were five details worth noting to avoid causing hard injuries to the leaflet

making leaflets: five details to avoid single page injury

detail 1: text

when designing a single page, some designers will pay full attention to the overall collocation of colors and the layout of pictures, paying only attention to the overall situation and often ignoring details. This is also the reason why many people find a lot of typos after getting a single page, and even many of the contents of the copy are not clear. Generally speaking, such problems are more likely to occur in inexperienced designers, who will ignore the proofreading link and have no special personnel to assist in proofreading. Therefore, when looking for a design, many people prefer experienced designers or stations. Many people are designing and printing leaflets because their designers and staff are more careful

detail 2: bleeding

bleeding should be reserved in the design of the leaflet, which is also to prevent the loss of effective content after the cutting of the finished product, which will affect the preparation of the cutting procedure. When the business card is made, the position of the bleeding line is marked to remind the self-designed customers to fill in the information within the scope. As for bleeding, in fact, when each designer first accepted the relevant courses, the teacher emphasized it severely. But in practice, there will still be such problems

detail 3: information

in fact, the most important thing of the leaflet is to convey some information compared with the electronic universal experimental machine and the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine above 300KN, so as to help businesses establish a certain image in the hearts of consumers. If these information is ignored or mistaken in the design, it should be the biggest problem. Therefore, the accuracy of important information, such as contact information and contact address, should be checked and corrected in time. In addition, we should ensure that the ambiguity caused by information transmission is small, otherwise it is difficult to end. If consumers get a leaflet with wrong information and go to the wrong place, they will naturally reduce their trust in the business. This detail will not only reflect the carelessness of merchants and designers, but also lead to a crisis of trust

detail 4: plate making error

this still reflects a careless problem. Sometimes it is enough for businessmen to communicate with designers and reach an agreement on design. However, when it comes to printing, there will be plate making errors, resulting in a large difference between the finished product and the design. Therefore, quality inspectors are specially arranged to supervise the plate making and printing work of the printing plant to ensure the degradation quality of the printed products soon

generally speaking, after finding this problem and believing that it will be affected, businesses can contact the printing service provider to make corresponding modifications, and the other party should also be responsible for their carelessness

detail 5: decolorization problem

there are many reasons for this problem. For example, the selected ink dye is not matched with the paper properly, and has not undergone any special treatment, or the ink itself is of poor quality and weak adhesion. But such a problem is very thorny. It may not have had the effect of publicity, which has brought corresponding troubles to consumers, polluting skin, clothes, etc. After getting the products, the merchants should also check this point clearly. It is important that businesses do not blindly seek bargains, but try to choose print suppliers with guaranteed quality

with the vigorous development of market economy, the use of leaflets and other pages will become more and more common. Design and printing stations such as map modification also need continuous reform and innovation to provide customers with more convenience. However, the export amount of each month is 0 The fluctuation between us $300 million, no matter how it develops, should always be more considerate in details. The hard injuries on some leaflets should also be completely away from the vision of businesses and consumers with the development of this industry

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