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BASF: five basic principles for motivating employees

in the course of hundreds of years of operation, BASF has explored a set of methods for motivating employees and used the five basic principles as guidelines

1. The work assigned by employees should be suitable for their work ability and workload

person post matching is the goal of configuring employees. In order to realize that people are suitable for their posts, it is necessary to analyze employees and positions. Each person's ability and personality are different, and the requirements and environment for each post to smash the flake slurry and mix it evenly are also different. Only through prior analysis and reasonable matching can we give full play to the role of talents and ensure the smooth completion of the work. BASF mainly promotes the matching of people and posts through four methods: first, several senior managers meet with a new employee at the same time to understand his interest, working ability and working potential in many aspects; Second, in addition to regular evaluation of work performance, the company also has corresponding work instructions and requirements; Third, use electronic databases to store information about job requirements and employees' abilities, and update them in a timely manner; Fourth, through the "letter of appointment", senior managers recommend candidates for important positions to the board of directors

2. Reward on merit

employees' contributions to the company are affected by many factors, such as work attitude, work experience, education level, external analysis pointed out that the environment, etc. Although some factors are uncontrollable, the most important factor is employees' personal performance, which can be controlled and evaluated. BASF's principle is that an employee's income must be determined according to his work performance. Whether the past performance of employees is recognized directly affects the future work results. Reward for merit can not only let employees know which behaviors should be carried forward and avoided, but also encourage employees to repeat and strengthen those behaviors that are conducive to the development of the company. Therefore, reflecting the wage gap on the basis of work performance is an important part of establishing a high incentive mechanism. In addition, BASF also provides different dietary subsidies, housing, company stock and other benefits according to the performance of employees

3. Improve the working ability of employees through basic and advanced training plans, and select talents qualified for leadership work from within the company.

BASF provides employees with a wide range of training plans, which are planned and organized by special departments. The training plan includes some basic skills training, as well as senior management training, and training courses developed according to the actual situation of the company to help employees grow as the ultimate goal. BASF's organizational structure is very clear. Every employee knows the position and role of his position in the company, and can easily understand the ways of promotion and obtain relevant information. BASF has obvious internal guidance characteristics in promotion, and tends to promote managers from within, which provides promotion opportunities for talents who are interested in development

4. Constantly improve the working environment and safety conditions

a suitable working environment can not only improve the efficiency of registering with Alcoa in 1969, but also adjust the psychology of employees. Designing the working environment according to physiological needs can speed up the speed, save physical strength and alleviate fatigue; Designing the working environment according to psychological needs can create a pleasant, relaxed, positive and energetic working atmosphere. BASF has humanized the working environment, set up various special vehicle facilities near the factory, opened a number of canteens and restaurants in the company, added toilets for manual workers, and kept the workplace clean and tidy...

safety is the most basic requirement for working conditions, but it is a hidden pain that many enterprises are difficult to achieve. BASF is engaged in the chemical industry and has a better understanding of the importance of safety. BASF has established a large number of standard facilities to ensure safety, which are in the charge of special departments, such as the medical department, fire brigade, senior factory guards, etc., responsible for the safety issues within their respective work scope. Provide regular safety guidance and protective facilities to all workers. BASF also set up various safety facilities with very broad utilization prospects, such as detecting environmental pollution and noise day and night; Various safety systems are also established. For example, each floor of the building must have an employee with special safety training on duty in turn. In addition to the guarantee of facilities and systems, safety production is also encouraged in the form of rewards. Workshops with the lowest accident rate can receive safety awards

5. Implement a cooperative leadership approach

BASF emphasizes a cooperative attitude in the relationship between leadership and being led. In the process of leadership, leaders cooperate honestly in an atmosphere of mutual respect as if they were led. The task of BASF's leaders is to agree on work indicators, delegate work, collect intelligence, inspect work, solve contradictions, evaluate subordinate employees and improve their work level. Among them, the most important task is to evaluate subordinates, and give them a fair evaluation according to their work tasks, work abilities and work performance, so that subordinates can feel their contributions to the enterprise and realize their gains and losses in work. The principle of evaluation is "praise more and blame less", respect employees and help them complete their tasks in a cooperative way. After the task is assigned, the leaders must check it personally, and the employees also check the interim work and the final work results by themselves, so as to jointly promote the smooth completion of the work

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