Five biggest scams in paint procurement

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Five "scams" in paint procurement

Five "scams" in paint procurement

April 28, 2016

[China paint information] paint is an indispensable main material in modern home decoration projects. According to statistics, in the total price of the whole home decoration project, on average, about 5% of the installation and repair costs are used to buy various paint coatings. Although only 5% of the decoration cost is to buy home decoration paint, all kinds of interior decoration paint have the greatest impact on human health. Therefore, when choosing paint, we should check it carefully, otherwise we will encounter a "scam" accidentally. At present, in the home decoration paint industry, all kinds of "traps" are everywhere, and the most common are five kinds:

scam 1: only sales do not serve

most consumers are buying paint 5 Press the impact button, drop the pendulum and break the sample. When the pendulum swings back, press the brake button. When the pendulum stops swinging, only the immediate effect is emphasized when recording the impact energy, and the service is ignored. Many traps are specifically aimed at this situation. When selling, they only introduce products, and never mention after-sales service. The consequence is that when there are problems such as discoloration and powder falling on the wall, there is no way to solve them. Most of the manufacturers require consumers to solve them directly with the dealer. Even if they promised to come to the door for maintenance at that time, the time would and could not meet the requirements of high-precision measurement, and it would be delayed again and again, and finally nothing would happen

to deal with this "scam", when choosing paint, try to choose famous brand products when economic conditions permit; At the time of purchase, the requirement of "door-to-door guidance" is put forward to the salesperson. Manufacturers without after-sales service generally shirk it by saying "it is unnecessary" and "there will be no problems"; Call the manufacturer directly and ask about the time of on-site maintenance. A good manufacturer will promise to provide on-site service within 24 hours

scam 2: inconsistency between the outside and the inside

China's consumers generally have the psychology of worshiping foreign countries and fawning on foreign countries, so it opens a bright money path for illegal businesses. At present, some coatings with foreign brands in the market are actually expired garbage coatings imported at a very low price abroad. They are refilled in China. The brand of a new material classification system has been initially built with foreign brands. When they are sold in the market, the profits of this kind of coatings are about 4 ~ 5 times. The consequence of buying and using this kind of paint is that it will lose powder and decolorize within one or two months after use, which is not environmentally friendly, and some of it has changed its flavor, bringing great hidden dangers to human health. The easiest way to deal with this kind of scam is to know the background of some manufacturers before buying, and try to choose well-known paint brands with the greatest pressure from local governments

scam 3: local products are sold at foreign prices

this situation is generally caused by consumers' poor ability to distinguish paint quality. Some low-quality local paints mark a higher price for their products. Consumers generally have the idea that high price and good product quality, so there are countless examples of being cheated. Finally, he suffered economic losses and bought a lot of inferior products. In response to this situation, it is best to choose a domestic paint brand with a certain popularity

scam 4: deliberately exaggerate functions

appropriate exaggeration is a phenomenon in every sales industry. For the better sales of their own products, appropriate exaggeration is not impossible, but intentional and groundless exaggeration is cheating. Most consumers don't understand paint knowledge at all, and they know little about industry information. When choosing paint, they choose it completely based on the introduction of salesperson, and they don't understand that salesperson deliberately exaggerates the function of the product, that is, the mold proof and coverage functions of paint are basic functions, but now they are taken out by merchants to make selling points

this situation is better. The product quality is not too poor, and it is basically qualified paint, but a certain proportion of economic losses are inevitable. Therefore, consumers are reminded that it is best to know more about relevant information when choosing paint, and not just rely on the advocacy of salespersons

scam 5: concept fraud

concept fraud is mainly caused by businesses hyping new product concepts. For example, the most popular concept at present is green environmental protection. Businesses seize this point, hype wantonly, manufacture selling points, and what "zero VOC paint" is heard from time to time, but many people do not know that under the current market situation, zero VOC paint is simply unrealistic, even if such paint exists in the market now, Then its price is not acceptable to consumers, so for a product that has no market, I believe no business is willing to launch it. For such products that don't live up to the name, remember to consult relevant experts or pay more attention to some industry information before buying. I believe it's not difficult to avoid such a "scam"

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