Five basic points to improve the quality of die st

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Five basic points to improve the quality of die steel

in recent years, the competition in die steel manufacturing industry around the world has become increasingly fierce. The ability of enterprises to provide customers with personalized high-quality products with high efficiency and low consumption in the shortest possible time has become a symbol of enterprise competitiveness

⑴ the design of parts should be reasonable, and the best structural scheme should be selected as far as possible

the designer of the part must consider the technical requirements of the part and the stability of its structural transmission, which must meet the manufacturability and feasibility of die steel manufacturing

⑵ design of die steel

this is the most important step to improve the quality of die steel. Many factors need to be considered, including the selection of die steel materials, the usability and safety of die steel structure, the machinability of die steel parts and the convenience of die steel maintenance. These should be considered as comprehensively as possible at the beginning of the design

① the selection of die steel materials should not only meet the requirements of customers for product quality, but also take into account the cost of materials and their strength within the set cycle. Of course, the selection of materials should also be based on the type of die steel, use and work mode, processing speed, main failure forms and other factors

② when designing the die steel structure, try to be compact and easy to operate, and also ensure that the die steel parts have sufficient strength and stiffness; When the die steel structure allows, the corners of each surface of the die steel parts should be designed as a fillet transition as far as possible to avoid stress concentration; For concave dies, cavities and some punch and cores, combined or inlaid structures can be used to eliminate stress concentration. For slender punch or cores, appropriate protective measures should be taken in the structure; For cold stamping dies, devices should be equipped to prevent blocking of parts or waste materials (such as: ejector pins, compressed and automotive non-metallic materials are increasingly widely used as an effective means of lightweight air, etc.). At the same time, we should also consider how to reduce the impact on the quality of die steel caused by the wear of sliding fitting parts and frequent impact parts in long-term use

③ in the design, the scope of disassembly and assembly when repairing a certain part must be reduced, especially when replacing vulnerable parts, the scope of disassembly and assembly must be reduced as much as possible

⑶ manufacturing process of die steel

this is also an important part to ensure the quality of die steel. The processing method and accuracy in the manufacturing process of die steel will also affect the service life of die steel. The accuracy of each part directly affects the overall assembly of die steel. In addition to the impact of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the processing method of parts and the technical level of fitters in the process of die steel grinding to improve the processing accuracy of die steel parts; If the overall assembly effect of the die steel fails to meet the requirements, the probability of making the die steel act in an abnormal state in the mold test will be increased, which will have a great impact on the overall quality of the die steel

in order to ensure that the die steel has good original accuracy - the quality of the original die steel, we must first reasonably select high-precision processing methods in the manufacturing process, such as EDM, wire cutting, CNC machining, etc., and at the same time, we should pay attention to the accuracy inspection of the die steel, including the machining accuracy and assembly accuracy of the die steel parts, and the accuracy of the die steel through the comprehensive inspection of the mold test and acceptance, During the inspection, it is also necessary to choose high-precision measuring instruments as much as possible. For those die steel parts with complex surface structure, if ordinary ruler and vernier card are used, the accurate measurement data cannot be achieved. At this time, it is necessary to choose precision measuring equipment such as coordinate measuring instrument to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data

⑷ strengthen the surface of the main formed parts of the die steel

this can improve the wear resistance of the die steel parts by making the corresponding fixtures according to the installation position of the real vehicle and arranging them on the test bench, so as to better improve the quality of the die steel

for surface strengthening, different strengthening methods should be selected according to different die steels for different purposes. In addition, a technology called FCVA vacuum diamond coating technology developed in recent years can form a protective film on the surface of parts that is extremely firm and smooth, uniform and dense with the substrate. This technology is especially suitable for the protective treatment of the surface of die steel, and it is also a method with remarkable effect to improve the quality of die steel

(5) the correct use and maintenance of die steel is also a major factor in improving the quality of die steel and even causing the feeder to stop running

when using die steel correctly, it is also necessary to maintain the die steel regularly. Carry out planned protective maintenance of die steel, and through data processing in the maintenance process, prevent possible problems of die steel in production, and improve the efficiency of maintenance work

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