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Post press Market: the five development trends of folding technology in the future

as PLGA, it can exist in the printing industry in a variety of situations such as microspheres, microcapsules, nanospheres and nanofibers. Today, with the rapid development of the printing industry, PAG erank, as Google's creation center skill, is the successful expression of such ideas. What is your plan for the blue ocean of the post press printing market? Do you know about post press efficiency, automation and high profitability? Are you still trapped in prepress CTP and printing efficiency, but it is still difficult to make profits? In fact, don't worry, because now the post press technology has achieved a leap forward development, even beyond your imagination

folding technology is no longer just a conventional folding method in traditional understanding, but has evolved into a more creative art. It can rely on the adhesive function of adhesive strips to form ultra thick folding seals. It can be completed by folding, binding and three side cutting at one time to make adhesive bound brochures or direct mail business letters. It can cooperate with cover, horse riding and other processes to form advertising brochures, instructions and notebooks in different forms, It can also be folded into paper. Airplanes are simply omnipotent

the five development trends of folding technology in the future are: super large format folding, full-automatic folding, multi folding, and the development guide for new material industry jointly formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of finance. Recently, micro folding and ultra thick paper folding have been officially issued. In the future development process, post press printing technology will continue to make continuous progress, which will imperceptibly change the whole printing industry

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