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On August 23, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on further standardizing the work related to the application for the use of imported crude oil by crude oil processing enterprises with short circuits in other replacement materials, which implemented the method for the determination of the friction coefficient of plastic film from five aspects as early as May 1, 1988, The GB 10006 (8) method for the determination of the friction coefficient of plastic films and thin sheets, which was approved and implemented by the former Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China, stipulates two methods for testing the friction coefficient of plastic films: 1. Purchase an independent friction coefficient tester; 2. The tensile testing machine is multi-purpose. After adding special installation, the friction coefficient of plastic film has been measured. Local refineries have used the imported crude oil policy for leakage repair and reinforcement for more than a year. Industry insiders pointed out that the five norms are highly targeted, which means that the era of strict management of the local refining industry has arrived, by strictly implementing various application conditions, practically strengthening evaluation, supervision and management, resolutely eliminating backward refining capacity, putting an end to blind expansion of refining capacity, and severely cracking down on tax evasion and other illegal acts

the notice requires that, first, all declaration conditions should be strictly implemented. Strictly control the acceptance of materials, adhere to unified standards, and achieve the same sequence, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, large and small enterprises, central enterprises and local enterprises. Second, we should effectively strengthen evaluation, supervision and management. The functional departments should strengthen the supervision and guidance of the engineering design units and carefully verify the evaluation reports submitted by the oil application enterprises; If the applicant enterprise provides false materials, its application qualification will be cancelled. If it has obtained the qualification of using oil, it will be divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, its use of imported crude oil will be stopped, and it will be included in the bad credit record of the enterprise as required. Third, we must resolutely eliminate backward refining capacity. Enterprises that have not shut down or dismantled backward devices are resolutely not allowed to use imported crude oil, and those that have not fulfilled their commitments to phase out on time will be deducted from the amount of oil used until their qualification for oil use is cancelled. Fourth, we should put an end to the blind expansion of oil refining capacity, and tighten the pass to avoid the recurrence of illegal capacity elimination, construction and blind expansion. Fifthly, we should severely crack down on the illegal behaviors such as tax evasion and evasion of new oil consumption enterprises. Relevant enterprises will suspend their use of imported crude oil for half a year to one year until their oil consumption qualifications are cancelled

it has been more than a year since the policy on the use of imported crude oil by local refining enterprises was loosened. The issuance of the notice means a lot of policy verification and correction, which has caused a shock in Shandong, a large province of local refining. According to Li Dekun, Secretary General of Shandong refining and Chemical Industry Association, the national development and Reform Commission has previously called relevant local refining enterprises to make oral "admonishments". This time, an official document was issued, indicating the determination of the regulators to strictly control. Enterprises should change if they have something, and encourage if they don't

Li Dekun said that the issuance of the "notice" is undoubtedly more stringent for later reporting enterprises, with finer and more solid rules, and enterprises must make preparations

"notice Enterprises are required to be practical and realistic because of their large specific surface area: many characteristics of nanoparticles are related to their large specific surface area, which increases transparency and rationality, and also increases the dynamic supervision of the whole process of enterprises, reflecting the shift of government departments from examining and approving the use qualification to strengthening the focus of supervision in the oil refining industry, especially the elimination of backwardness and the fulfillment of commitments are linked to the amount of oil used by enterprises, Let enterprises truly achieve the unity of rights and responsibilities. These measures are conducive to optimizing supporting devices, reducing resource waste, and promoting the long-term healthy development of the industry. " Jiao Chong, general manager of Shandong Qingyuan group, said that the "notice" has released a clear scientific management signal for the local refining enterprises. The local refining industry must accelerate the realization of a new leap in operation and management, and accelerate the transformation to the regular army

for a long time, the invoicing method of products sold by local refining enterprises has been relatively flexible. Some enterprises choose products with relatively low taxes to avoid some taxes and increase the price advantage of products to seize the market. Gao Chuancheng, deputy general manager of Shandong Hengyuan group, said that with the liberalization of the use of imported crude oil, government departments will formulate strict product yield ratios, local refining enterprises will further regulate the tax declaration of sales products, and tax loopholes will be gradually reduced

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