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Hujianwei, chairman of Hangzhou ludun Construction Co., Ltd.: asphalt pavement entrepreneurial dream

hujianwei, chairman of Hangzhou ludun Construction Co., Ltd.: asphalt pavement entrepreneurial dream, It may be puzzling for many people to say goodbye to his stable life and work in a private enterprise operating asphalt pavement, but this decision has brought him one step closer to his goal and a springboard for his future career. His more than two years' working experience in this enterprise has enabled him to grow rapidly, and has enabled him to see the prospects and profits of road construction. Soon, hujianwei raised venture capital and established his first company, Hangzhou ludun Asphalt Concrete Co., Ltd

the company has just been established. The first big thing he faces is to buy asphalt mixture mixing equipment. President Hu, who has been engaged in the asphalt industry for many years, is very good at equipment and technology. He has a ruler in mind which domestic asphalt equipment manufacturer does the best. "In 2006, when I planned to build my first factory and wanted to buy equipment, I actually wanted to buy the equipment of Nanfang road machinery from the bottom of my heart. At the beginning, I also went to see your equipment, but at the beginning of the establishment, the company had limited funds to meet the use requirements of consumers, and was unable to buy the equipment of Nanfang road machinery, which caused a great regret", he said with emotion

at that time, President Hu had no choice but to purchase an asphalt mixing plant from other manufacturers at a low price. Later, he regretted the decision because the equipment could not be used again after several years of use. The reason was that the maintenance cost of the equipment was too large every year during operation, and the production was often delayed because of the high failure rate. After learning this painful lesson, Mr. Hu will no longer be careless in buying equipment

after several years of development, when President Hu had enough funds, he did not hesitate to purchase two sets of plant mixing hot regeneration equipment supporting the asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang road machinery, and established Shanghai ludun company. The original set of equipment can only be sold off as scrap iron

asphalt equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: it is the equipment of other manufacturers that ludun Construction Co., Ltd. has used. President Hu has a deeper understanding of the advantages of Nanfang road machinery equipment. He said that it has been three years since the purchase of Nanfang road machinery equipment. The operation has been very stable and the failure rate is very low (there has never been any situation that the manufacturer needs to come to repair the equipment due to failure during operation in the past three years). Take the vibrating screen for example. The original set of old equipment cracked after less than three years of use. It cost more than 300000 yuan to buy a new vibrating screen. The screening effect is not good. However, after using the equipment of Nanfang road machinery, no problems have occurred so far. The hot material screening can fully meet the design requirements. Gehongchao, the equipment operator in the factory, also mentioned that "the vibrating screen has not been moved since the establishment of the factory. It is impossible for the old machine like the old one to have not been repaired once or twice a year. Now it is basically unnecessary. It is normal to check it and it is still good."

asphalt mixing is an industry with high environmental pollution and energy consumption. The asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the primary gravity plus secondary bag filter system and the negative pressure dust prevention design of the building, which has a good treatment effect on environmental protection efficiency. In this regard, GE Hongchao, who works in the mixing plant every day, has the most say. "The whole mixing plant is well sealed and basically free of dust."

for the blue smoke generated during the heating process of the asphalt plant mixing hot regeneration equipment, it is discharged through the dust collector after the secondary combustion of the primary drum, which prevents the harmful gas from being directly discharged into the atmosphere and makes the heat of the tail gas recycled. President Hu said that when the equipment is running, there is almost no smoke, and the combustion effect is very good

Hangzhou ludun: Nanfang road machinery asphalt mixing equipment

President Hu also mentioned, "The burner developed by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has high combustion efficiency. In terms of the fuel consumption used for mixing a ton of materials, we use the same oil. Under the same raw materials, the fuel oil of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is lower. Compared with our original equipment, mixing a ton of materials with the same oil can save 0.5kg of oil, and the economic benefit is very significant."

after the purchase of Nanfang road machinery equipment, ludun company, with its huge supply capacity and reliable asphalt mixture quality, has continuously expanded its business volume in Shanghai and Hangzhou, and its development has been smooth

benefit from the new foam asphalt warm mixing technology

as a new type of asphalt mixture production method, foam asphalt warm mixing technology is more and more respected by the domestic and foreign highway circles because it does not produce chemical reactions, reduces production costs, prolongs the construction period, and does not reduce the performance of asphalt mixture. Based on its own high-end asphalt mixing technology platform, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has deeply explored foam asphalt warm mixing technology. In 2013, it successfully developed foam asphalt warm mixing equipment

to borrow President Hu's words, he is definitely a die hard fan of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. this trust is due to his deep Nanfang road machinery complex. When he heard that Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. launched foam asphalt warm mixing equipment, he immediately purchased two for use, becoming the first batch of users of foam asphalt warm mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and the first local manufacturer to use the market-oriented financing environment of foam asphalt, which is also helping to form the "magnetic absorption effect" technology

Nanfang road transport did not disappoint him. According to President Hu, "Nearly half a year since the completion of installation and use, the foam asphalt equipment has been operating very well. Insiders know that the hot recycled asphalt mixture has a defect, poor fluidity and fast cooling, which makes construction difficult. Since the use of foam asphalt has been solved, we found that the fluidity of this material is almost the same as that of the new material. What surprises us is the use of foam asphalt The cohesive force of the recycled mixture after compaction is greater than that of the hot recycled mixture without foam asphalt, and the color of the recycled mixture mixed with foam produced by the two materials is also darker and brighter than that of the recycled mixture without foam. Therefore, in terms of customer response, we will find that the quality of our asphalt mixture has been improving. "

before and after the use of the foam asphalt warm mixing technology, the time limit from the delivery of the asphalt mixture to the completion of paving was extended from three hours to eight hours, which greatly extended the construction period and improved the business coverage of ludun on the premise of ensuring the quality of the asphalt mixture. Especially before the Spring Festival, it is often the busiest time for business. In the past, the construction party was very worried that the quality of asphalt mixture would be affected by the temperature. Now this problem has been solved

using foam asphalt warm mixing technology can also obtain high environmental benefits - environmental protection and energy saving, "Asphalt plants all over the country are faced with the same problem. When the temperature of the finished material produced by hot mix asphalt reaches 160 to 170 degrees, it will produce blue smoke. The finished material is transported to the finished product warehouse by trolley. 4. during the wet shoelace test, the sample does not need to be conditioned, but the sample should be placed in (20 ± 2) When the finished material is loaded into the carriage and paved on site by soaking in distilled water or deionized water of ℃, the blue smoke will be emitted into the air, polluting the surrounding air and doing great harm to the health of the constructors. However, the foam asphalt warm mixing technology reduces the temperature by 10 ° to 30 ° and there is no smoke from the finished material, which perfectly solves the environmental protection problem. The reduction of temperature can also save fuel, thus reducing the operation cost. ", President Hu has highly praised this new technology since he personally used the foam asphalt technology

in terms of investment, it is only necessary to add foam asphalt warm mixing equipment to the original equipment, which costs little, but the economic and social benefits obtained are very simple and considerable. In President Hu's opinion, the trend that asphalt manufacturers will popularize foam asphalt warm mixing equipment in the future will be unstoppable

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