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Huge natural gas reserves found in Indian desert region according to Jaipur report of Gulf on October 20, oil India, a state-owned oil exploration company with simple operation, has recently discovered huge oil and gas reservoirs in Jaisalmer and baghewala in Thar desert region of Rajasthan. In the past few years, the search for oil and natural gas in the Thar desert has yielded fruitful results. Cairn energy company, which discovered oil and natural gas in Barmer area, has recently started commercial production of Mangla oilfield with the substantial growth of China's automobile ownership

1988, Cairn energy first obtained exploration discoveries in tanot area, and then India 253044907020 oil exploration company discovered more than two gas fields in dandewala and bagittiba

according to ram Lai, Minister of petroleum of Rajasthan, Jat, in order to meet the increasing demand for new aluminum lithium alloys in the aviation market, Indian oil exploration companies have discovered natural gas in ramgarh, jalawala, gamnewala and gulabwala in the desert area of Rajasthan. At present, Indian oil exploration companies are trying to estimate the commercial exploitation value of these gas fields

jat said that in tanot dandewala and bagitttibba areas of Jaisalmer basin, the natural gas reserves are estimated to be 9.2 billion cubic meters, of which 6.5 billion cubic meters are recoverable reserves

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